Department Lakes


The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation maintains several lakes throughout the
state for public fishing. The lakes provide good fishing, primitive camping, limited hunting and
watchable wildlife opportunities. The lakes range in size from 30 acres to 263 acres.

The Wildlife Department’s Fisheries Division manages these lakes to provide sustained quality fishing over the years. The Fisheries division annually stocks catchable size channel catfish in all the lakes and monitors the fish populations for age and growth rates, species composition and possible applications of new management techniques. Boat ramps are located on all of the lakes and the Fisheries Division has provided brush shelters in some of the lakes to concentrate the fish for anglers.

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Rules Regulating Use of Department Owned Lakes

1. Lake Carl Etling

2. Lake Evans Chambers

3. Lake Vincent

4. Lake Watonga

5. Lake Elmer

6. American Horse Lake

7. Lake Vanderwork

8. Lake Hall

9. Lake Burtschi

10. Lake Dahlgren

11. Lake Jap Beaver

12. Lake Nanih Waiya

13. Lake Ozzie Cobb

14. Lake Schooler

15. Lake Raymond Gary

16. Doc Hollis Lake