fish: saugeye
Duane Raver/USFWS
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Oklahoma Distribution The first saugeye stocking in Oklahoma was in Lake Thunderbird during May 1985. Since this initial stocking many other state lakes have been stocked with saugeye, including Burtschi, Carl Blackwell, Ellsworth, Fort Cobb, Foss, Great Salt Plains, Hall, Holdenville, Lawtonka, Pine Creek, Shawnee Lakes, Sooner, Tom Steed, Vanderwork, and Waurika.  

Habitat – Saugeye tend to congregate near the bottom on sand bars or near ledges and drop-offs.

Natural Food Sources Saugeye eat fish, almost exclusively, from the time they are stocked.

Spawning Saugeye are produced within our state fish hatcheries. Female walleye are crossed with male sauger resulting in a hybrid known as saugeye. Although not sterile, saugeye must be stocked routinely in order to maintain fishable populations.

Facts Saugeye make first class tablefare. They are being stocked particularly in lakes with stunted crappie because once they reach 16 inches, they begin to feed on these fish, thus improving the crappie fishery. Anglers can look forward to bigger and better saugeye fishing throughout the state.