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Latest Fishing Report

Submitted by:
Trey Hale
Lake Elevation:
Below Average
Water Temp and Clarity:
Semi Clear

Action: Good
Baits:  Cut Bait, Minnows, Stinkbait
Locations: Channels, Coves, Creek channels, River Mouth, and Northern End of lake

Action: Good
Baits:  Cut Bait, Live Shad
Locations: Channels, Coves, Points, River Channel, River Mouth

Action: Fair
Baits:  Alabama Rig, Flukes, Hair Jigs, Jigs, Live Shad, Sassy Shad
Locations: Channels, Main lake, Points, River Mouth
Additional Information:
On warm weather days, Striped Bass and White bass are holding close to the bottom ( bottom to 5ft from bottom ) but actively feeding in short burst. Lures need to have flashes such as glitter or silver/gold blades. Locating fish on electronics is key this time of year. Channel cats have increased their feeding patterns recently being caught in depths ranging from 6ft-30ft. Best baits for channels will be "Stink baits" and or "Punch Baits". Crappie are slow under docks with a water depth of 20ft-30ft, approximately 2 or 3 cranks from bottom seemed to be producing bites. Red was a key color in getting hits from crappie the past week paired with lightweight jig heads. Jug lining is very effective for Blue Cat in the main lake.