man with an archery harvested buckDeer hunting is the most popular hunting season in Oklahoma. The overall economic impact on our state is over $600,000,000. More than 82,000 archers, nearly 102,000 primitive firearms hunters and over 197,000 gun hunters combined harvested 111,427 deer in 2008. The statewide management goal continues to place emphasis on reducing harvests pressure on the young buck segment of the herd and increasing the harvest of does. With the continued fine tuning of hunting regulations and increasing public awareness of proper deer management practices, our state's deer herd will continue to flourish.

Whitetails are creatures of the woodland edge, utilizing forest or dense thickets for cover but feeding on browse and forbs along the edges of clearings. The best habitat is a patchwork of woodlands and openings. White-tailed deer may consume more than 600 types of plants and plant products, but mast producing trees, browse and cool season forage are considered some of the most important assets of quality deer habitat.




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