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2012 Deer Season

Brett Nichols of Bixby. 8pt buck at 185 yds with .243 in Grant Co. 11-23-12

Nate McCollum of Stillwater, OK. In Pittsburg County on Sunday November 18th

12 point buck harvested by Gary Hines on the first day of muzzleloader season near Lake McMurtry after being rattled in to 6 yards

11 point buck harvested during 2012 deer season

Chase Tippens, opening day of archery season in Custer Co., took this 10+ point buck at 30 yards.

Tanna Harmon's first buck. She killed it at the Three Rivers WMA 10/29/12.

Pamela Weston and her first buck ever! Taken in Comanche county with a crossbow at 23 yards October 12.


2012 Youth Deer Gun Season

This nice 7 point buck was harvested in the Three Rivers WMA.

6 point buck harvested from the Three Rivers WMA.

Nice 8 point buck harvested from the Three Rivers WMA.

Brent Nicholas harvested his big buck in Woods Co.


2012 Waterfowl Season

A Banded Bluewing Teal taken on Lake Texoma. Marshall County by Rob Robertson in September.

A Bluewing teal hunt with a Classic Browning Superposed Shotgun. Lake Texoma. Marshall County by Rob Robertson in September.


2012 Youth Spring Turkey Season

Six year old Gavin with his first turkey. The turkey has a 10 1/2 inch beard, harvested it in Mays County.

Dylan of El Reno with his first turkey. The turkey sported a 10 inch beard and 3/4 in spurs harvested in Jackson County.

Boomer with his first tom in Tillman County. The turkey had an 8 inch beard with 1 1/2 inch spurs.

John of Cookson with 2012 youth season gobbler 1 1/4 inch spurs 23 pounds 10 inch beard.

Dylan and Papa Gabby with his first turkey.

2012 Spring Turkey Season

Jay harvested this turkey in western Oklahoma just outside of Seiling.

Deveral of Chandler harvested his turkey opening weekend. It had a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs.

Johnny (left) harvested an 8 lb and 20 lb turkey and Joey harvested an 11 lb and 20 lb turkey in Caddo County.



2011 Youth Deer Gun Season

14 year old Brittany of Stuart harvested this doe during the Youth Hunt. She took it while on a hunt with her father Southwest of Atoka. Brittany is an 8th grade student at Stuart Public Schools. She shot the doe with her dad's Ruger .270 rifle.

Tanner from Bartlesville took this nice 140lb 8pt during the 2011 Youth rifle hunt on private land in NE Osage county.

9 year old Dalton of Nowata harvested this 9 point Buck youth deer season in Nowata County. The buck scored 130 and weighed 160 lbs.

9 yr old Ty harvested this buck during the youth gun season in Noble County -10 point, 180 lb

Summer harvested this spike buck in Cherokee County during the youth deer gun season.

10 year old Hunter harvested this buck during the Youth Gun Season in Atoka, Oklahoma. The buck weighed 155lb and had 10 points.

Brianna from Loco with her ten point buck taken in Stephens County during the 2011 youth season.

Dylan of Wilson harvested this buck with his grandfathers in Love County.

Dylan harvested this eight pointer in Davis.



2011 Controlled Hunts

Travis with his elk that he harvested at Pushmataha WMA during the 2011 Controlled Hunts.

Logan of South Coffeyville with his 10 pt buck harvested on a control hunt 10-29-11 at Pushmataha WMA. Shot at 163 yards with 30-06. Deer weight was 98 lbs field dressed.


Kaytlyn harvested this buck during Youth Draw Hunt at Salt Plains.



2011 Deer Season

Donnie harvested this 9 point buck during muzzleloader season in LeFlore County.

Steve with his buck harvested during muzzleloader season.

Heidi with her first deer harvest.

John with an 8 point buck harvested from Cookson.

Nine yr old Holly from Hobart harvested her first deer an 8 point buck while hunting with her dad and paw paw in Beckham County.

Les harvested this 14 point buck weighing over 200 pounds during muzzleloader season.

Brad harvested his first archery deer opening day in Roger Mills county. He dressed at 155lbs and has a main frame 8pt rack with matching split brow tines.

Morgan's first deer harvested October 14, 2011. It was an 140 pound on the hoof fork horn shot from 85yrds on the ground with 50 cal Wolf Muzzleloader in Logan County.

Tracy from Woodward harvested this 9 point buck opening morning of muzzleloader season.

Trey with his first harvested buck from Osage County.

Jerry with his 9 point buck harvested during muzzleloader season.

Jesse harvested this deer with a bow in southwest Oklahoma. November 2011.

Dustin and Reggie harvested these buck during the muzzleloader season in Choctaw County.

Christopher Carson harvested this 170 lbs field dressed buck in Oklahoma County.

9 year old Coffey harvested her first deer in eastern Oklahoma County weighing 140 lbs. with 6 points.

Ashley with her first deer, first time hunting, opening day of deer gun season.

8 year old Braxton of Oklahoma City harvested this 93 lb doe in Garfield County.

Craig harvested this 12 pt buck during muzzleloader season in Seminole County.

Clay harvested this buck during deer gun season in Lincoln County.

This 21 point non-typical deer was harvested by James in Atoka County.

Adria harvested this deer with a compound bow from Cherokee County, on a family acreage in the outskirts of the town of Tahlequah on November 6, 2011. 

Matthew's first deer with a bow on private land in Caddo County. This is a nice 9 point buck.

Robert harvested this 3 point buck during gun season.

Wyatt harvested this 17 point buck from Grady County.

Laney with her first deer, an 8-point buck on Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011 in rural Wagoner County, north of Coweta, on her grandparents' farm.

Josie harvested this 10 point buck during deer gun season in norther Osage County.

Three generations of the Moore Family in Hughes COunty.

Brett of Bixby harvested his first deer opening day of rifle season in Grant County.

Matt with his Hughes County harvested Buck.

Sage of Alva-Ringwood area, harvested this 8 pt. buck with his grandads 308.

A 9 point buck harvested in Osage County.

Timothy harvested this buck in Beaver County during the 2011 deer gun season.

Michael harvested deer during gun season on public land in Pushmataha County.

Daniel harvested this deer with his bow in Cherokee County.

Larry harvested this 10 point buck on KLR Ranch  in Caney, Oklahoma.

Josh and Brett with Josh's deer harvested in Mayes county. He green Scores 178 6/8.

Paul harvested this buck in Pawnee County near Mannford, during the deer gun season in November.

Dianna from Tuttle harvested her very first deer in Woods Co on the Winn Ranch.

Mailee with her very first archery deer. Harvested on public land in Atoka County during bow season.

Robert harvested this buck in LeFlore County.

Jason harvested this doe in LeFlore County.

Tim from Tulsa harvested this 22 point non-typical with a plum built longbow in southern Osage County.

Beatrice harvested 225 pound buck during rifle season in Mayes County.

Theresa keeping a look out.

Stephen with his buck.

Steve with his buck harvested in Cookson.

Terry with his unofficial 16 point buck in Bryan County.

Jolynn with 2011 Pittsburg County buck taken with her Hoyt bow.

Richard harvested this buck during rifle season in Lincoln County.


2011 Upland bird hunting

Seth's first pheasant hunt.


2011 Bear Season

Brianna from Loco, Oklahoma with her black bear taken in Pushmataha County during the 2011 bear season.


Other hunting photos

10 year old Savannah with a hog harvested during youth deer season in Pontotoc County.

Ashley and Summer on a goose hunt in Muskogee County last January with their mom and dad.

Recent photo off a trail cam in Sallisaw, OK.



Furbearer Season

Dustin harvested this 30 lb. male bobcat in southwest Comanche County.



Other Hunting Related Photos

Picture taken by Ryan, 2011 Lake Hiawassee  opening day duck season.  Buck swam across the lake, stole a decoy and swam back across the entire lake!

Trail game photo taken near Choctaw in eastern Oklahoma County in October.

Jasper and Hannah hunting quail in 2010-2011

Bandit and Sissy on a late season quail hunt in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Picture north of Broken Bow.

Bears in Latimer.

14-point deer trail cam picture Kiowa county

Benjamin took this photo in Atoka County.

Feral hogs in Lincoln County.

Brian Hall with his new duck dog "Mojo". It was taken 12-31-2011 in Owasso Oklahoma.

Picture from a game camera Craig County near Vinita. Looks like mama doe was scolding daughter while baby sister looks on.

Cruz from Sequoyah County on his first deer hunt with pa pa! He is a hunter in the making.

Brittany dog Sue hunting quail.

Bears in LeFlore County near Poteau.


Waterfowl Season


Craig hunting waterfowl with his bird dog Charlie.

Jacie retrieving ducks in Woodward County.

Jory and Jacie in Woodward County duck hunting.

Angella harvested her first Canada Goose in November.

Duck hunting at Canton Lake in Blaine County in 2011

Tommy on his first goose hunt.

Matt and Bailey hunting ducks in Osage County.


Dove Season

Seven year old Zack dove hunting east of Blackwell with father and grandfather.

Dreyton having a good dove season in Kiowa County.


Antelope Season

Roger with his antelope harvested in Cimarron County.