Oklahoma's Top Five Non-Typical Whitetails


1. Mike Crossland

Score: 248 6/8
County: Tillman
Harvest Date: 11-19-04
Method of Harvest: Gun



A massive, non-typical whitetail deer rack with 24 scoreable points was officially scored at the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo, Saturday, August 27, 2005, at the Lazy E Arena. Measuring 248 6/8 inches, the deer was taken by Michael Crossland of Grandfield and is the new number one Cy Curtis entry.

Crossland took the huge buck in Tillman County which was previously reported to have 31 points. The antlers were held as evidence in a court case and Crossland took possession of them August 2 when the case was dismissed by a Tillman County judge.

The former non-typical Cy Curtis record whitetail, taken in 2003 in Hughes County, scored 240 3/8 and had a total of 29 points. Crossland’s buck also surpasses the current Oklahoma Boone and Crockett record non-typical whitetail taken in Johnston County in 1970 which scored 247 2/8 inches.

2. David Lambert

Score: 240 3/8
County: Hughes
Harvest Date: 11-23-03
Method of Harvest: Gun