Outdoor Oklahoma

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This episode is all about pond fishing. We join a father and his son enjoying some summertime pond fishing on their favorite pond. We then revisit several of our favorite pond fishing segments from 1992, 1999 and 2005. Finally, we take you to arguably one of the neatest homes that an angler could have. One gentleman wanted to fish whenever he wanted - so he cut a hole in his living room floor so he could fish from his recliner while watching the news.

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It's the chance of a lifetime for one lucky hunter, who drew a coveted pronghorn antelope gun buck tag in the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's controlled hunts program. We follow along as he hunts for the perfect buck in the Oklahoma panhandle.

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Oklahoma is a beautiful, lets keep it that way. Find different ways to help clean up Oklahoma through River Warriors, Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and even scouting. for more information go to : www.keepoklahomabeautiful.com, www.lnt.org, Facebook.com/oklahomariverwarriors

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The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's wildlife and fisheries divisions are involved with many projects on an annual basis. This episode discusses some of those projects, such as ODWC lake renovations, fish attractors, prescribed burns and goose banding.

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Tag along with Paul and Debbie as they you how to catch sandbass with live shad and then snag a paddlefish all in one day.



  • Nudge the odds closer to your favor by studying the numbers before you apply in the Wildlife Department's Controlled Hunts Program. You'll see which hunt selections give you the best chances of having your name drawn.
  • Learn about a research project under way to study some of the Sooner State's young bald eagles, and meet the men who work toward that lofty goal.
  • In the "Watchable Wildlife" feature, we take a look at an unusual visitor found in some Oklahoma waters: the American eel.
  • Our regular "Off the Beaten Path" section features "Game Warden's Journal," "Game Bag," "Outdoor Calendar" and much more.



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