2014 Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Sponsors
A simple "Thank You" can't express the extent of appreciation that is felt when someone goes above and beyond to lend a hand. And this is never more true than with the many groups that have become our invaluable partners in conserving Oklahoma's tremendous natural resources. The Wildlife Department , and in turn you as a sportsman, are blessed by these quality organizations that have made significant contributions to wildlife management in Oklahoma during the past year.
DateDonated byDonatedPurpose
2014-06-10 Quail Forever $5,000.00 For 12,500 Sand Plum Seedlings on Crosstimbers WMA.
2014-06-10 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation $1,750.00 For herbicide application by ATV and ridge-top, fire-break and road renovation.
2014-07-28 Morrell Manufacturing, Inc. $4,770.00 From Bernie Morrell of Morrell Manufacturing to the Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools Program (OKNASP).
2014-06-17 Larry W Potterfield Trust $698,000 For the Oklahoma Scholastic Shooting Sports Program to be used to fund the regional and state shoots each year and to set up endowments for each school that participates in the program. 
2014-08-14 David/Patricia Donoley dba Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad Co. (A-OK) $15,840 Donated aircraft and pilot time for nighttime surveillance in southeast Oklahoma.
2014-01-30 Oklahoma Station Chapter of Safari Club International $2,000.00 To support the Hunters Against Hunger program.
2014-01-02 Oklahoma City Zoological Society $13,000.00 To be used through the Wildlife Diversity Program for conservation projects including winter bird surveys and bat inventory on Cross Timbers WMA and Lesser Prairie-Chicken surveys.
2014-01-12 Oklahoma Chapter of Trout Unlimited $2,500.00 To fun trout stocking at Veterans' Park Pond in Jenks.
2014-03-13 Spring Creek Coalition $125.00 To purchase temperature loggers for Spring Creek WMA.
2014-03-18 Apache Corp $20,000.00 Oklahoma Landcover update (State Wildlife Grant match).
2014-03-18 Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association $40,000.00 Oklahoma Landcover update (State Wildlife Grant match).
2014-04-02 Fresh Country Fundraising $100.00 For the Department's Shotgun Training Education Program (STEP).
2014-06-20 WILLCO PAC $650.00 To the Information and Education division.
2014-03-24 Shikar Safari Club $10,000 Grant award to Law Enforcement Division's Special Investigations Unit.
2014-08-27 Oklahoma State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation $33,000 Grant funding for Black Kettle WMA - $5,000;  Pushmataha WMA - $4,000;  Cross Timbers WMA - $4,000;  Cookson WMA - $7,500;  Cherokee WMA - $8,000;  Kaw WMA - $4,500.
2014-08-27 Oklahoma State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation $1,000 For Wildlife Department Youth Camp.
2014-08-27 Oklahoma State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation $20,000 $10,000 for OKNASP and $10,000 for Scholastic Shooting Sports Program.
2014-09-03 Oklahoma Forestry Services, Dept. of Ag., Food & Forestry $5,500 Part of a larger cooperative grant of up to $30,000. This $5,500 is for controlling salt cedars with herbicide at Packsaddle WMA. Sites were selected to plant cottonwood poles for a riparian forest restoration project and wildlife habitat improvement. 
2014-09-03 Oklahoma Striped Bass Association $2,000.00 For equipment at the Byron Fish Hatchery, including a 140-gallon hauling tank; a 10' equipment trailer; a 12-volt air compressor; two 12-volt vertical pump aerators; two  oxygen flow meters;  an in-line flow meter; and a camper shell.
2014-07-07 St. Mary's Catholic School $750.00 To purchase OKNASP archery equipment for schools that do not currently offer the OKNASP program.
2014-09-16 Kinsey's Inc. and Fin Finder Bowfishing $2,995 Donation of 500 bowfishing shafts and nocks to be included with bowfishing equipment kits supplied to schools involved in the Explore Bowfishing program.
2014-10-20 Arvest Bank $500.00 Donation for Norman Trout Derby.
2014-10-30 BancFirst $2,500 Funding for trout stocking at Veteran's Park Pond in Jenks.
2014-11-12 Dolese Brothers Company $2,500.00 For the 2014-15 Dolese Youth Park winter trout stocking program.
2014-11-12 89er Chapter of Trout Unlimited $875.00 For the 2014-15 Dolese Youth Park winter trout stocking program.
2014-12-01 Oklahoma Station Chapter of Safari Club International $2,000.00 For the Department's Hunters Against Hunger program.
2014-11-25 Brian Connally $4,749 Donated materials including monocular and decoy deer for Wildlife Department law enforcement in Nowata County. 
2014-12-19 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation $25,320 Grant funding for Cookson WMA - $4,000; Pushmataha WMA - $7,000; Cherokee WMA - $9,000; Wister WMA - $5,320.