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Lake Photograph: 
Arbuckle Lake

The Lake of the Arbuckles is a 2,350 acre reservoir formed by the impoundment of Guy Sandy, Buckhorn, and Rock Creeks, approximately 8 miles southwest of Sulphur in Murray County, Oklahoma. It was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1967 and has a watershed of 126 square miles in south central Oklahoma.

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Latest Fishing Report

Submitted by:
Jack Melton
Lake Elevation:
Below Average
Water Temp and Clarity:
54 & stained

Action: Fair
Baits:  Alabama Rig, Crankbaits, Jerk Bait, Jigs, Live Shad
Locations: Brush structure, Docks, Main lake, Points, Rocks

Action: Fair
Baits:  Grubs, Jigs, Minnows
Locations: Creek channels, Docks, Main lake, and 39-56 ft. deep off drop-offs

Action: Good
Baits:  Grubs, Jigs, Lipless Baits, Minnows
Locations: Creek channels, Main lake, and moving up creeks
Additional Information:
fish are making way to shallows, back off then make another run