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Lake Photograph: 

Oklahoma City's oldest reservoir, Lake Overholser was built in 1919 and connects to Hefner Lake by a canal.

Size: 1,500 surface acres

Depth: 6 feet average, 13 feet deepest

Attractions: Covered fishing pier, boat ramps, tending docks, handicap facilities and fish attractors. A covered picnic pavilion is available on advance notice. Picnicking, fishing, sailing, boating and personal watercraft are permitted. Swimming is prohibited.


Latest Fishing Report

Submitted by:
Vince Mesis
Lake Elevation:
Above Average
Water Temp and Clarity:
murkey to muddy

Action: Fair
Baits:  Crawfish, Cut Bait, Jigs, Shrimp
Locations: Below the dam, Dam, Docks, Main lake, Points, Riprap, Shorelines

Action: Good
Baits:  Cut Bait, Live Bait, Punch bait, Worms
Locations: Below the dam, Main lake, Points, Riprap

Action: Fair
Baits:  Jigs, Minnows
Locations: Discharge, Rocks, and The canal just off the rocks.
Additional Information:
Crappie are being caught in the basin right along the damn wall mainly on chartruse jigs. Carp ,buffalo catfish and hybrid striped bass are being caught in the basin to this should last while the gate is opened. Catfish are being caught by ballooning the bait into the lake and some on the bottom. Hybrid's are being caught on bottom with the baits mentioned above. The fishing has been varing due to the weather.