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                             here’s no feeling quite like being part of a  tainty for the thousands of conservation-minded anglers
                             successful team. Pulling together to gener-  and hunters who only want to do the right thing to support
                             ate the best outcomes is something I find  wildlife conservation. Worse yet, imagine the number of

               T very rewarding.                                  potential new anglers and hunters that simply give up after
                 One of the benefits of a team is that it                    trying to choose from the complicated menu

               brings to the table the various viewpoints of                 of license options.
               everyone involved in reaching for a goal. By its                To make license modernization happen,
               very nature, teamwork requires collaboration.                 we need the Legislature to team up with us.

               This is how I view much of what we do here                    We’ve done the groundwork on how to best
               at the Wildlife Department, even though we                    simplify  and  consolidate  our  fishing  and

               won’t compromise on fulfilling our mission:                   hunting license system to grow hunter and
               to manage and protect fish and wildlife, along                angler participation while maintaining suffi-
               with their habitats, while also growing our                   cient revenue to sustain the agency’s conser-
                                                      J.D. Strong
               community of hunters and anglers, partnering                  vation mission.
               with those who love the outdoors, and fostering stewardship   So, during this year’s legislative session, we will be seeking
               with those who care for the land.                  support at the Capitol from our elected lawmakers to allow

                 The bottom line is that ODWC works with others outside  the Wildlife Conservation Commission to do what’s best
               the agency to do what’s best for everyone in accomplishing  for Oklahoma’s outdoor lovers and its treasured wildlife
               the Department’s mission. We work with the State Legisla-  resources. We will be sharing how license modernization will

               ture, other government agencies, nongovernmental conser-  be a big improvement over the cumbersome current system.
               vation groups, and of course our core constituents — all of  And we look forward to teaming up with our Senators and

               the anglers, hunters, landowners, and outdoor enthusiasts  Representatives so we can collectively hit this one out of the
               who largely make our efforts possible.             park for all our constituents!
                 This year, ODWC will continue an effort to overhaul its

               licensing structure. The Department’s goal is to simplify our
               license system for our constituents, add value to each license

               option, and provide constituents with the confidence in
               knowing that they’re buying the proper licenses before going
               afield or afloat. Currently ODWC sells some 200 types of   J.D. Strong,

               licenses. It’s a confusing array of options that creates uncer-  ODWC Director

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