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Game Warden’s Journal

                              ACCOUNTS FROM THE FIELD BY THE PUBLIC
                              SERVANTS WHO ENFORCE THE FISH AND
                              WILDLIFE LAWS OF OKLAHOMA

                 Poaching is not only unethical but can also be very dangerous.
                 On Nov. 29, officers responded to a report of a gunshot fired
               into a house. The bullet had gone through a window and missed
               hitting a person by only a few feet.
                 Game Wardens Mike France, based in Pottawatomie County,
               and Zach Paulk, based in Cleveland County, were called. An
               investigation determined that a poacher twice fired a firearm
               at a deer from a county roadway. One of the bullets hit the deer,
               and the other went into the house. A suspect was charged in
               Lincoln County with reckless discharge of a firearm, hunting
               without landowner consent, illegal take of white-tailed deer,
               and shooting from a public roadway.

                 Waterfowl carcasses were illegally dumped on or about Dec.
               9, 2021, along Adobe Road southwest of Newkirk in Kay Coun-
               ty. The breasted-out birds included a pintail drake, a mallard
               drake, a ring-necked duck, two lesser Canada geese, eight green-
               winged teal drakes, and 13 gadwalls. Game Warden Spencer
                                                 Grace,  based  in
                                                 Kay County, said
                                                 photos have pos-
                                                 sibly circulated on
                                                 social media that
                                                 might tie this crime   The minimum fine for illegally disposing of wildlife is $500
                                                 to individuals.  plus court costs. It also carries mandatory revocation of hunting
                                                   It is illegal to dis- rights for a year minimum. If you have any information on this
                                                 pose of wildlife in  crime, please call Grace at (580) 761-6565.
                                                 this manner, but it
                                                 happens every year   (Reports from the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page.)
                                                 during waterfowl
                                                 seasons. Grace is  EDITOR’S NOTE: Please help make a difference! When violators
                                                 asking for the pub- break the law, they steal fish and wildlife from you! Report violations
                                                 lic’s assistance to  anonymously by calling Operation Game Thief at (800) 522-8039.
                                                 help put a stop to it.  You could earn a cash reward.

                                          FURBEARER EXEMPTION

                                           Sometimes an exemption from the regular hunting or fishing regulations is provided. Such is
                IT’S  THE                 the case with the taking of furbearers, in specific circumstances. On page 76 of the Oklahoma
                                          Fishing and Hunting Regulations, it states: “Nothing in this regulation prevents the killing of
                                          furbearers actually found destroying livestock or poultry. In addition, nothing in this regula-
                                          tion prevents the running or chasing of coyote, bobcat, fox or raccoon with dogs for sport only,
                                          except on those public lands where such activity is prohibited. Bobcats and foxes taken with
                                          this exemption cannot be removed from the property. Only furbearers taken within season
                                          and with a fur license may be sold or removed from property.”
                                                                                — Smokey Solis, Communication Specialist

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