A simple "Thank You" can't express the extent of appreciation that is felt when someone goes above and beyond to lend a hand. And this is never more true than with the many groups that have become our invaluable partners in conserving Oklahoma's tremendous natural resources. The Wildlife Department , and in turn you as a sportsman, are blessed by these quality organizations that have made significant contributions to wildlife management in Oklahoma during the past year.

11/07/2017 Quail Forever $1,000 N/A Among other donations throughout the year, Quail Forever donated $1,000 for habitat work at Beaver Wildlife Management Area.
11/06/2017 Quail Forever $3,637 N/A Quail Forever and it's various chapters have partnered with the Wildlife Department on numerous projects, including this one for $1,137 to provide equipment for Three Rivers WMA and $2,500 for native seed for planting at Cross Timbers WMA
08/14/2017 Morrell Manufacturing $2,430 N/A Archery target company Morrell Manufacturing has been a long-time important partner with the Wildlife Department. This donation plays an important role in funding the Department's educational archery program, Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools (OKNASP).
07/21/2017 Blue River Fly Fishers $6,600 N/A This donation from the Blue River Fly Fishers group was for the purchase of trout for the catch and release portion of the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area and for general improvements to the area.
07/07/2017 Oklahoma Striped Bass Association $1,939 N/A The Oklahoma Striped Bass Association has been a great partner to the Wildlife Department in conservation efforts. This donation was for the purchase of specific equipment for culture, management and research pertaining to striped bass or striped bass hybrids in Oklahoma.
06/15/2017 Oklahoma Zoological Society $11,530 N/A The Oklahoma Zoological Society donated these funds to be used thru the Wildlife Department's Wildlife Diversity Program for conservation projects in Oklahoma.
06/05/2017 Quail Forever $1,085 N/A The Central Oklahoma Chapter and Woodward Covey Rise Chapters of Quail Forever are partners on a range of conservation efforts, including the purchase of burn equipment for use at Ouchita WMA and a mobile burn skid unit for the Department's Private Lands program
06/05/2017 St. Mary's Catholic School $750 N/A St. Mary's Catholic School donated has more than once donated funds to purchase archery equipment needed for a new school starting the Archery in the Schools Program. Schools across the country are discovering an exciting new program that hits the bullseye in meeting the physical education needs of their students. Through the Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools (OKNASP) Program, students have the chance to excel today, tomorrow and throughout a lifetime in the unique sport of archery. The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), of which OKNASP is a part, is a coordinated effort and partnership between schools, state wildlife agencies and the nation’s archery industry. In Oklahoma, OKNASP promotes physical education by providing target archery training to the state’s youth. Designed for 4th-12th graders, the curriculum covers archery history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration and self-improvement.
04/19/2017 Spur Ranch $0 equipment The Spur Ranch purchased two 24-megapixel game cameras to assist surveillance efforts of the Wildlife Department's Law Enforcement Division District 1.
04/04/2017 DJ's Fundraising $500 N/A DJ's Fundraising donated these funds to the Wildlife Department's Stars & Stripes License Project, a program that uses donated funds to provided hunting and fishing licenses to select veterans and their family members.