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A simple "Thank You" can't express the extent of appreciation that is felt when someone goes above and beyond to lend a hand. And this is never more true than with the many groups that have become our invaluable partners in conserving Oklahoma's tremendous natural resources. The Wildlife Department , and in turn you as a sportsman, are blessed by these quality organizations that have made significant contributions to wildlife management in Oklahoma during the past year.

12/13/2016 The Corrigan-Goddard Foundation $20,000 N/A The Corrigan-Goddard Foundation donated $20,000 to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's Law Enforcement Division.
11/07/2016 Trout Unlimited $16,950 N/A Trout Unlimited is an exceptional partner with the Wildlife Department. This donation was for the installment of a public restroom at the Simp and Helen Watts Fish and Wildlife Management Area on the Lower Illinois River.
10/24/2016 89er Chapter Trout Unlimited $1,200 N/A The 89er Chapter of Trout Unlimited signed a 3-year MOA to provide funds that will be matched for the purchase of rainbow trout for the Dolese Trout Program in Oklahoma City.
10/17/2016 Dolese Brothers $3,500 N/A This donation from Dolese Brothers is part of a three-year MOA to provide funds for the purchase of rainbow trout stockings for Dolese Trout Program in Oklahoma City.
10/17/2016 BancFirst $2,500 N/A BancFirst partnered with ODWC to fund the trout stocking program at the Close to Home Fishing Pond located at Veteran's Pond in Jenks.
10/13/2016 Lower Mountain Fork Foundation $1,053 N/A The Lower Mountain Fork Foundation donated to help fund a stocking trailer and fish hauling tank for the Lower Mountain Fork River trout stream.
09/23/2016 Terry's Taxidermy $0 Materials and Services Metro taxidermist Terry's Taxidermy donated 200 lbs. of venison summer sausage and 200 lbs. of ground venison for chili, both to be served at the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo Taste of the Wild booth. Visitors to the Taste of the Wild booth sample a variety of wild game while enjoying the activities and booths at the event. The much-welcomed and appreciated donation represents an approx. $3,500 value.
08/15/2016 Bill Horn $0 Material/services Bill Horn a freelance photographer donated over 200 images, mostly of birds to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. These images can be used for publications or at will where needed.
08/10/2016 Morrell Manufacturing Inc. $5,210 N/A Morrell Manufacturing Inc. made a $2110 and $3100 donation to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife's Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools Program (OKNASP) in 2016. Schools across the country are discovering an exciting new program that hits the bullseye in meeting the physical education needs of their students. Through the Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools (OKNASP) Program, students have the chance to excel today, tomorrow and throughout a lifetime in the unique sport of archery. The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), of which OKNASP is a part, is a coordinated effort and partnership between schools, state wildlife agencies and the nation’s archery industry.
07/28/2016 Blue River Fly Fishers $4,100 N/A This donation from the Blue River Fly Fishers group was for the purchase of trout for the catch and release portion of the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area and for general improvements to the area.