A simple "Thank You" can't express the extent of appreciation that is felt when someone goes above and beyond to lend a hand. And this is never more true than with the many groups that have become our invaluable partners in conserving Oklahoma's tremendous natural resources. The Wildlife Department , and in turn you as a sportsman, are blessed by these quality organizations that have made significant contributions to wildlife management in Oklahoma during the past year.

02/12/2016 Dennis Parr $200 N/A For conservation efforts on Lexington Wildlife Management Area in central Oklahoma.
01/06/2016 89er Chapter of Trout Unlimited $875 N/A This late 2015 donation from the 89er Chapter of Trout Unlimited made it possible to purchase trout for the 2015-16 Dolese Winter Trout Program.
01/06/2016 NatureWorks $20,000 N/A NatureWorks is a Tulsa-based conservation group that donated $20,000 for work on Cherokee Wildlife Management Area.
01/04/2016 Shikar-Safari Club International $75,000 N/A Shikar-Safari Club International provided a grant in the amount of $50,000 in late 2015 for firearms replacement for the Wildlife Department's Law Enforcement Division. The group also provided a $25,000 grant in 2016 for bear population research in eastern Oklahoma.
01/01/2016 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation $23,339 N/A This Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation donation contributes to a range of Oklahoma conservation projects, including to Oklahoma conservation in a number of ways, including a $1,000 donation in support of the ODWC Youth Camp, which gives teens a better understanding of careers in wildlife and fisheries management and law enforcement. The camp is conducted entirely by game wardens, wildlife and fisheries professionals and dedicated hunters and anglers. The group also donated to habitat work at Pushmataha and Cherokee WMAs.
01/01/2016 Larry and Brenda Potterfield $919,500 N/A These funds are donated for the Oklahoma Scholastic Shooting Sports Program. They are to be used to fund the program's regional and state shoots each year. They are also used to set up endowments for each school that participates in the program. The funds include $837,500 for endowments and $82,000 for operation of regionals and the state shoot. This contributes in a significant way to students across Oklahoma getting the opportunity to participate in competitive shotgun shooting sports in their schools.
01/01/2016 National Wild Turkey Federation $48,000 N/A This grant from the National Wild Turkey Federation helps fund a wide range of conservation efforts and needs across the state of Oklahoma.
01/01/2015 Williams Companies $90,000 N/A Voluntary restoration and conservation program to support habitat conservation and restoration project for land acquisition.