Wildlife Expo

The 2017 Wildlife Expo is September 23rd and 24th

Presented by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and a coalition of conservation organizations, agencies and sponsors, Expo celebrates our great state's natural diversity and opportunities for the sporting enthusiasts and newcomers. From camping and outdoor skills to shooting sports, fishing and bird watching, Expo visitors have an opportunity to try their hands at two days of fun in the outdoors.

Hours of Operation: Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am-5pm

Getting around the Expo

Wildlife Expo Map

Getting to Expo

For map quest or gps the address is 5600 E. Forrest Hills Rd, Guthrie 73044. The 9600 Lazy E Drive, will not work on mapquest.

The Lazy E Arena is located at 9600 Lazy E Drive off I-35. The arena is just north of OKC between Edmond and Guthrie. There are several options to get to Expo using the map. It is easy to get to the Lazy E, so mark your calendar now.

  • From Tulsa: Turner Turnpike: Take I-244 that becomes I-44 which turns into the Turner Turnpike. Take ramp onto I-35 north. Take I-35 north to the Seward Rd. exit (exit number 151). Turn right onto Seward Road and follow the signs to the Lazy E.        
  • From Stillwater: Hwy 51: Take Hwy 51 west to I-35. Take I-35 south to the Seward Rd. exit (exit number 151). Turn left onto Seward Road and follow the signs to the Lazy E.
  • From the East: Merge onto I-40 west. Take the I-35 N/US-62 E exit (exit number 153) towards Wichita. Merge onto I-35 N. Take I-35 north to the Seward Rd. exit (exit number 151). Turn right onto Seward Road and follow the signs to the Lazy E.
  • From the West: Take I-40 east. Take the I-44 E/OK-3 W exit (exit number 147B) on the left towards Tulsa/Wichita. Merge onto I-44 east. Take the I-44 east exit towards I-35/Tulsa/Wichita. Follow the signs to I-35 north to the Seward Rd. exit (exit number 151). Turn right onto Seward Road and follow the signs to the Lazy E.         


Event Description

Plants & Supplements for Attracting Wildlife

Different plant species and proper planting methods to attract wildlife

Sponsored by Johnston Seed Company

Camp Cookin' in the Heartland

Food tasting, Dutch oven education, and  history of the Chuckwagon

Sponsored by Heartland of the Prairie

ATV Safety

Instructional demonstration covering ATV safety and proper use

Sponsored by P&K Equipment Inc.

ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma

ATV safety and techniques will be shared with children and parents with a focus on helmet use and riding an appropriately sized ATV

Sponsored by ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma

Fishing Knots and Know-how!

Practice fishing knots, casting techniques, and gain knowledge on how to locate bait in your yard

Sponsored by American Heritage Girls

Archery Range with Compound & Recurve Bows

Archery range instruction with recurve and compound bows

Sponsored by Bow Hunting Council of Oklahoma

Farm Pond Management

How to properly manage a pond; from fish, water quality, to aquatic vegetation ID and controls

Sponsored by ODWC

Prairie Grouse of Oklahoma

Information on the biology, habitat components, management, threats, and conservation measures for Prairie Grouse, both Greater and Lesser Prairie Chickens.

Sponsored by ODWC

Fish Hatchery

Various activites of a federal fish hatchery and its importance to a healthy environment, including a comparative study of turtles and how recreational fishing and species of concern are supported while aquatic resources are maintained

Sponsored by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service- Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery

Oklahoma Reptiles and Amphibians

Display of native reptiles and amphibians with identification and natural history 

Sponsored by ODWC & Tulsa Herp Club

What Skull is That?

Using real animal skulls, the public can explore various features and characteristics to help determine the identity of each specimen


Sponsored by Skulls Unlimited International Inc.

Wildlife Bling Make-n-Take

Hands-on jewelry making station

Sponsored by ODWC

Flint Knapping

A demonstration of how arrowheads are chipped out of stone

Sponsored by Neil Garrison

OK Upland Game

Quail Habitat Requirements and information about quail and ring-necked pheasant

Sponsored by ODWC

Camo Face Painting

How to apply camouflage face paint to hunt

Sponsored by the OK Youth Hunting Program

Cross Cut Challenge & Smokey's 70th Birthday

Focuses on the relationship between forest land management and wildlife management, especially in the cross timbers, as well as fire prevention to protect our forest habitats

Sponsored by Oklahoma Forestry Services

Goose Knocking

Activity that uses the traditional rabbit stick to hunt small game as well as a survival hunting technique

Sponsored by ODWC

ODWC License Booth

Buy a hunting or fishing license and get information on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Sponsored by ODWC

Bluebird Nest Box Make and Take

Hands-on family activity that allows visitors to build nest boxes with power tools and learn about conservation and biology of the Eastern Blueburd and other cavity nesting birds

Sponsored by ODWC

Information Booth

Get information, maps, and programs to help you navigate the Wildlife Expo

Sponsored by ODWC

Animal Skull Match Game

Participants have the opportunity to handle real animal skulls as they try to match them with photos of Oklahoma species, allowing them to compare and contrast external features with internal skeletal features.

Sponsored by Museum of Osteology

Ground Nesting Birds of Our Grasslands

Focuses on different ground nesting bird species by using an electronic quiz board, replicas of nests and eggs, and photos of the bird species

Sponsored by US Forest Service & Black Kettle National Grassland

Outdoor Oklahoma

Booth with information about the Department's TV show and magazine

Sponsored by ODWC

Bats Bats Bats- Oklahoma's Nightlife

Games and activitites designed to show the importance of bats in Oklahoma

Sponsored by Travel OK

Self Bow Construction

Demonstrating the lost art of bow building

Sponsored by Oklahoma Self Bow Society

Realistic Wooden Fish Carving

The process one artist uses to make carvings and sculptures of realistic fish out of wood

Sponsored by ODWC

Wild Game Food Safety; Venison and Fish

Videos demonstrating field dressing of a deer and proper steps to cleaning and storing fish

Sponsored by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Furbearer Skins, Skulls, and Trapping Education

Furbearer awareness, trapper & trapping education, and information on tanning furs

Sponsored by Oklahoma Fur Bearers Alliance

Laser Shot

Youths and adults can try their hand at using the laser shot for hunting scenes and target shooting

Sponsored by ODWC

Reloading 101

Information on the the advantages of reloading your own ammunition and the processes involved in reloading shotgun, rifle, and pistol ammunition.

Sponsored by ODWC

Fishing Simulator

Interactive video with instructions on how to fight fish

Sponsored by ODWC

Pellet Rifle Range

Gun safety and pellet rifle shooting

Sponsored by ODWC


Bowfishing at the Pond

Bullet Casting

Demonstrates the process of taking scrap lead and making a bullet

Sponsored by ODWC

Identifying Fish From Different Ecoregions of Oklahoma

Aquariums with stream fish assemblages and habitat unique to each ecoregion

Sponsored by Oklahoma Satae University Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society

How to Start a Fire Without Matches

Seminar that teaches visitors how to start a fire without matches

Sponsored by ODWC

Mountain Bike

Ride through a mountain bike course

Sponsored by the Bicycle Store and ODWC

Underwater Oklahoma

Demonstrates the diversity of OKlahoma's underwater habitats and aquatic species with a live fish cam, preserved and live aquatic specimens, and underwater video and photos of Oklahoma fish, streams, and lakes

Sponsored by ODWC

Pack Trips with Horses and Mules

Information on the use of horses and mules while riding and packing for hunting and fishing trips, horsemanship skills, and proper use of WHDs for riding

Sponsored by ODWC

Basic Fly-Fishing Instruction

How to set up the rod and reel, types of flies, and how to cast

Sponsored by ODWC

Red Slough Critters of the Wetlands

Describes the biodiversity of a wetland with two aquariums with fish and bugs caught from the Red Slough

Sponsored by ODWC

Paddlefish Research Center

See live juvenile paddlefish and learn about the biology, ecology, and value this species has to Oklahoma anglers

Sponsored by ODWC

Basics of Tent Camping

State Park staff will demonstrate and assist participants in setting up small tents and will receive instruction on safety and other outdoor skills.

Sponsored by Oklahoma State Parks


Learn primative hunting techniques by throwing atlatl shafts at animal silhouettes

Sponsored by ODWC

Promote 4-H Shooting Sports

Gun safety quizzes, ATV safety cards, and information will be available regarding the programs 4-H Shooting Sports offers to the public

Sponsored by 4-H Shooting Sports

Types and Proper Use of Turkey Calls

Turkey calling techniques, types of turkeys, habitat, hunting techniques, and land conservation

Sponsored by the Oklahoma Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

Identifying Common Animals

Matching game that involves locating pictures of animals around the arena with names and numbers, filling out the game card to test knowledge

Sponsored by Oklahoma Wildlife & Prairie Heritage Alliance

Rope Making

Public has the opportunity to learn how to make rope and take it with them

Sponsored by Troop 4008

Habitats of Oklahoma

Features the habitats found at the 9 National Wildlife Refuges in Oklahoma, the outdoor recreational activities that can take place on those 9 NWRs, and information about the wildlife trade

Sponsored by US Fish & Wildlife Service

Watchable Wildlife Area

This area includes a variety of conservation features such as different nest boxes for birds, bat houses, chimney swift tower, and more that can be built by homeowners. A seminar tent for watchable wildlife presentations will also be included.

Sponsored by ODWC

Birding Optics Course

Educates visitors on the diversity of birds in Oklahoma, the basic skills needed to identify birds by sight, and the ecological roles played by birds

Sponsored by ODWC

Fish Cleaning Seminar

How to properly filet and clean fish

Sponsored by ODWC

Clean Boater Trivia

Information on how to be a "clean boater," with good practices and trivia game to test knowledge

Sponsored by Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Taste of the Wild

Participants can sample wild game such as catfish, deer sausage, and buffalo chili.

Click here for the Buffalo Chili Recipe

Sponsored by ODWC

Bird Feeding Station

Several bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders, will be set up to attract birds for visitors to watch

Sponsored by ODWC

Basketweaving Make-N-Take

Demonstrates the many natural plants and products that can be used to make a basket and gives visitors the opportunity to make a unique, one-of-a-kind basket to take home

Sponsored by ODWC

Duck Decoy Carving

Step by step process of carving a duck decoy form wood

Sponsored by ODWC

Outdoor-Themed Game

This booth shares information about the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Organization and what programs are available

Sponsored by Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

Water & Boating Safety Education

Water safety, boating safety, and hunting/fishing information on Corps of Engineers land and water

Sponsored by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers- Tulsa District

Whitetails of Oklahoma

Hands-on educational booth that lets participants touch and feel antlers with velvet

Sponsored by Whitetails of Oklahoma

Shotgun Training and Education Program (STEP)

STEP gives the public an opportunity to learn basic gun handling, safety and shooting while one-on-one with instructors

Sponsored by ODWC

Outdoor Weather Safety

How to protect yourself in outdoor weather situations and tools to keep you informed of weather hazards

Sponsored by Oklahoma Mesonet

ODWC Black Bears

Educational booth covering the Oklahoma Black Bear population

Sponsored by ODWC

Identifying Predators of Oklahoma

Participants can play a matching game involving a display of taxidermy predator animals of Oklahoma


Sponsored by the Oklahoma Station Chapter of Safari Club International

National Park Service

Inside and out of the Bison and hides of Oklahoma critters

OSU Insect Adventure

This booth features live insects available for touching

Sponsored by OSU Insect Adventure

Waterfowl Booth

Waterfowl mounts of various species and moist soil plants on display with wetland management information

Sponsored by ODWC

Plant Identification

Tree ID and aging by ring count, fruit and mast id

Sponsored by ODWC

Fishing Lures Make-N-Take

Custom paint fishing lures and learn about the process it takes to make them

Sponsored by ODWC

Aquatic Nuisance Species

How to protect Oklahoma's resources and prevent the spread of ANS

Sponsored by ODWC

Archery in the Schools

Education on how to use a bow to shoot an arrow at a target

Sponsored by ODWC

Family Fishing Clinic

Fish identification, casting demonstration and safety, opportunity to go fishing

Sponsored by ODWC

Archeological Artifacts

Educates public on prehistoric and historic people's use of plants and artifacts

Sponsored by Oklahoma Archeological Survey

Jug Line Float

Instructions on how to make a jug line float from PVC pipe

Sponsored by Oklahoma Correctional Industries

Man VS Streams

Demonstrates the relationship between a stream altered by man versus a stream that is in more of a natural state and will educate the public/ landowners about good land managment practices around stream environments

Sponsored by ODWC

Lizards Wearing Backpacks/Texas Horned Lizards Corral

Visitors will learn about what happened to horned lizards and how they can help current populations with a habitat matching game, hungry lizard food hunting simulatory game, horned lizard tattoos, and horned lizard face mask decorating

Sponsored by the Oklahoma City Zoo, and Tinker Air Force Base

Big Game of Oklahoma

Big game species in Oklahoma and their range, habits, and habitats

Sponsored by ODWC

Rubber Band Style Handheld Sling Shot

Primative hunting technique and inexpensive outdoor recreation activity

Sponsored by ODWC

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Experience all that the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has to offer with map displays and historical video

Sponsored by Friends of the Wichitas

Cast Netting 101

Demonstrations of what cast nets are used for and proper techniques in using them

Sponsored by ODWC

Wildlife Painting On Feathers & Other Mediums

Creating art in booth and demonstrating how-to's on painting and creating art on found items such as feathers, hide, bone, skulls, turtle shells, etc

Sponsored by ODWC

Turkey Restoration

Short videos and information on the importance of the turkey trapping and transplant program in Oklahoma

Sponsored by ODWC

Skinning Deer

How to properly field dress your kill for processing and/or mounting


Sponsored by Terry's Taxidermy

Play in the Sand

A giant sand box for kids to play in

Sponsored by ODWC

Fly Tying

Hands-on fly tying make and takes

Sponsored by ODWC

Casting Kids

One-on-one instruction on casting technique

Sponsored by Bass-OK Chapter

Law Enforcement Youth Camp and OGT

Operation Game Thief trailer educates visitors about poaching

Sponsored by ODWC

Kayak Fishing

Information regarding types of kayaks to buy, how to rig them out, and where to go

Sponsored by ODWC

Oklahoma State Symbols: Test Your Knowledge

An interactive quiz of Oklahoma's state symbols

Sponsored by Natural Resource Ecology & Management: Oklahoma State University


How to identify Oklahoma wildlife tracks and information on OK Project WILD Workshops

Sponsored by Oklahoma Project WILD

Birds of Prey

Falconers will have personal birds of prey for the public to see

Sponsored by Oklahoma Falconry Association

Native Plants and Wildlife

State park naturalists and park rangers will provide information and craft activities about Oklahoma's native plants and wildlife and the outdoor skill of tracking, search, and rescue

Sponsored by Oklahoma State Parks

Dog Training

 Hunting and Sporting Dog Training Seminars, as well as proper nutrition for all classes of dog

Sponsored by ODWC, Butch Goad, Withrow Kennels, True Timber Kennels, Gun Dog Kennels, Autumn Ridge Kennels, Tehoma Hunting Retriever Club, Deep Fork Retrievers, and Cargill Feed and Nutrition

First Aid and Pioneering

Hands-on teaching of first aid, woodbranding and craft, pioneer rope lashing and knot-tying 

Sponsored by Oklahoma Team of Trail LIfe

Observation Hive

“Find the Queen” - Observation Hive

C.O.B.A. is dedicated to educating the general public about the benefits of raising and protecting honeybees. We provide information about the honey bee life cycle; pollination; honey production and the dangers of pesticides. We offer monthly meetings and beekeeping classes for all ages.

Sponsored by Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

Noodling 101

A simulated hole with water inside allows people to  reach into just like they were fishing demonstrates the legal means of taking fish and proper safety

Sponsored by ODWC

Common Sport Fish of Oklahoma Aquarium

A display of many interesting fish species found in Oklahoma and identification, management, and conservation of Oklahoma fish species

Sponsored by ODWC

Tying Knots & Rigging Jigs

Show how to tie special knots, how to rig and use a jig or bait, as well as the how, when, and where to catch crappie in the spring

Sponsored by ODWC

Ducks Unlimited/ Waterfowl Conservation

Informational books and magazines

Sponsored by Ducks Unlimited- Waterfowl Conservation

Jug Lining and Trot Lining 101

Seminar and educational booth that shows visitors how to build a jug line and trot line, how to properly use them in a lake or stream, and how to comply with the law when utilizing the lines.

Sponsored by ODWC

Friday, September 22, 2017, has been designated as a School Day, with hours of operation to accommodate field trips (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

Admission to the Wildlife Expo, parking and all activities are completely free. We offer over 100 hands-on exhibits, skill activities, and demonstrations that make the Wildlife Expo a field trip your school can’t afford to miss! While all ages are welcome, 4th-12th graders seem most excited about Wildlife Expo activities.

Inside the students learn about Oklahoma’s wildlife species, habitats and wildlife management while visiting hands-on exhibits and booths. Outside, students can learn to identify Oklahoma birds, visit a living historical encampment, identify wildlife tracks and signs, start a fire without matches, catch a fish, learn about dog training, ride a mountain bike, shoot a bow or shotgun…and much more!

Company Phone Number Website
P&K Equipment (405) 341-8081 P&K Equipment
Terry's Taxidermy (405) 787-7883 Terry's Taxidermy
Ralph's Packing Company (405) 547-2464 Ralph's Packing Company
4/S Ranch (405) 433-5625
Mueggenborg Farms (405) 216-9074
Oklahoma Station Chapter Safari Club International (580) 609-0900 http://oklahomastationsci.org/

What if I need special accommodations?

If you have a special need or accommodation (persons with disabilities) please contact Andrea Crews with the ODWC at (405)522-0769 or email at andrea.crews@odwc.ok.gov  at least 10 days prior to Expo.

Can I bring my bicycle, scooter, etc.?

Because of the number of young children at Expo, as a safety precaution we do not allow wheeled vehicles to be ridden on site. Likewise skateboards, roller blades and roller skates are not allowed on the grounds. Persons with disabilities requiring wheel chairs or motorized carts are the only exemption.

Can I bring my dog or pet?

For the safety of our visitors and wild animals on the grounds, do not bring your dog or other pets. The only exceptions are seeing eye dogs or other service animals.

What else should I bring?

All equipment required for activities at Expo are provided. Bring your camera!

Can I bring food and drink or can I purchase it at Expo?

You cannot bring food or drink to the Expo but there will be free water, plus drinks and food can be purchased through the concessions. You can also sample wild game at "The Taste of the Wild" booth for free.

What should I wear?

Expo is an indoor and outdoor event, so dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. Be sure to put on sun screen before you come.

How long should I plan to stay at Expo?

 There's much more to do at Expo than can be done in just a few hours! Many people come both days. Come early, stay late!

What does it cost?

Admission and all activities at Expo are free!