Camp Gruber Maneuver Training Center (MTC)


The Oklahoma Army National Guard and ODWC have a new agreement regarding hunting on Camp Gruber MTC.

Location: Muskogee  County
Closest Towns: Ft. Gibson, Braggs, Paradise Hill
Contact Number: Gruber (918) 549-6001

Effective beginning Jan. 1, 2003. Hunting will only be permitted on designated days and areas as described by the Oklahoma Army National Guard (OKARNG).  In addition, all area users must attend an OKARNG unexploded ordinance (UXO) briefing and posses a UXO permit before entering the area.

For information on open dates and areas, as well as other regulations pertaining to Camp Gruber MTC including The Memorandum of Understanding Between The Oklahoma Army National Guard and The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation regarding public recreational use of the Camp Gruber Training Center online at click on Wildlife Management/Hunter Information.

UXO Permit Info

UXO Permit to print and sign before visiting Camp Gruber
Part 1
Part 2


Camp gruber hunting map

Road Access

Camp gruber hunting road access map

Regulations: Seasons on public lands section of hunting regulations