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Teal Hunting

The September teal season is one of the first chances for waterfowlers to unpack their waders from summer storage and get their feet wet. Because blue-winged teal and green-winged teal usually migrate through Oklahoma much earlier than many other ducks, hunters are offered the chance to harvest these birds before the regular duck seasons. Teal are small, fast fliers and usually are seen in flocks of six to 15 birds. They have an erratic flight pattern, challenging even the best of wing-shooters. Hunters may see other ducks while teal hunting, such as resident mallards or wood ducks, along with some other early migrants, but hunting seasons for other ducks remain closed until later in the year.

Teal hunters are allowed a daily bag limit of six birds.  All other state and federal migratory bird hunting regulations are in effect for early waterfowl seasons, including the use of only federally-approved nontoxic shot. Migratory bird regulations can be found online in the Oklahoma Hunting & Fishing Regulations Guide, or in print at license vendors statewide.

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