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2013 Legislative Session

New Laws Approved by the Legislature and Signed by Governor

Senate Bills

Senate Bill 324: by Sen. Wyrick and Rep. Glenn. Allowing blue and channel catfish to be caught by noodling. Read The Full Bill

Senate Bill 780 by Sen. Brecheen and Rep. McCall. Increasing the penalty for improperly disposing of wildlife. Passed by the Senate. Amended by the House to include a one-day non-resident fishing license for $15.  Amendments approved by the Senate. Bill now goes to the Governor for action.Read The Full Bill

Senate Bill 819 by Sen. Shorty and Rep. Bennett. Allowing the use of laser sights for hunting by persons who are 100% disabled or legally blind. Read The Full Bill

Senate Bill 919 by Sen. Justice and Rep. Armes. Allowing manned aerial hunting of feral hogs and depredating wildlife with a permit from the State Department of Agriculture.Read The Full Bill

House Bills

House Bill 1010 by Rep. Brown and Sen. Wyrick. Allowing bowfishing, gigging and spear gunning on the Upper Illinois River. Read The Full Bill

House Bill 1426 by Rep. Biggs and Sen. Justice. Increasing the penalties for failure to check game as required. Passed by the House. Title struck and passed by the Senate. House rejects Senate amendments and bill now goes to a conference committee.Read The Full Bill

House Bill 1594 by Rep. Vaughan and Sen. Brecheen. Allowing information that is voluntarily provided to the Wildlife Department to be released for promotional purposes. Directs the Wildlife Dept. to publish the name, county and description of deer checked via e-check and allowing a hunter to have his or her name withheld. Passed by the House. Amended and passed by the Senate. First Conference Committee report submitted and emergency clause added. Read The Full Bill

House Bill 1597 by Rep. Vaughan and Sen. Fields. Requiring sandhill crane permits for all persons hunting cranes as specified by federal law.  Read The Full Bill

House Bill 1920 by Rep. Dustin Roberts and Sen. Allen. Allow feral hogs and depredating animals to be taken from a helicopter from Jan. 16 - Sept. 30.  Read The Full Bill

House Bill 1928: by Rep.DeWitt and Sen. Fields. Modifying provisions for apprentice designated hunting licenses to allow anyone under 30 years of age to hunt with apprentice designated licenses while supervised. Read The Full Bill