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Enjoy Free Fishing June 5-6 with Someone New

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Free Fishing Days June 5-6

June 5-6 are Free Fishing Days in Oklahoma, when a fishing license is not required to fish.

How about fishing for a couple of days without having to buy a state license? That’s what everyone can do June 5-6 during Oklahoma’s annual Free Fishing Days. Not only can you enjoy some fun near the water, but you can make a positive difference by inviting someone new to join you. 


The best way to ensure great fishing opportunities continue for future generations is to introduce new people to fishing and to buy a fishing license. The Wildlife Department is responsible for managing the state’s fishing resources and habitat, and funding for those efforts comes primarily through license sales. (The Wildlife Department receives no general state funding to pay for conservation, hunting or fishing activities.) 


We know many people who want to learn to fish are hesitant to ask someone to help them. That’s why we urge veteran anglers to reach out to anyone with an interest and be the first to ask. When you offer an invitation, you are welcoming a potential new angler to a great American pastime. And you are also offering to show them the ropes, building confidence in them that they can carry forward if they decide to become an angler. Make it easier for people to decide about fishing by letting them borrow some fishing gear. And invite them to fish with you multiple times, because one time is often not enough for someone to make a decision. 


Everyone is invited to enjoy some fishing! Many anglers might only think about inviting youngsters to experience first-time fishing. But it’s also important to invite your adult friends or relatives who have not been fishing. All new anglers — regardless of their age — need some coaching and encouragement to get started. You can be the one to do just that, and make a difference now that will support outdoor activities in the future. 


Because of COVID-19 safeguards, many people realized during 2020 that fishing and other outdoor activities are excellent ways to relieve the stresses of everyday living and promote family time. The benefits of fishing are many, including the enjoyment of nature, relaxation, and mental wellness. And catching fish is exciting and rewarding!  

To learn more about inviting and coaching new anglers, how and where to fish, where they are biting now, and many more resources, go to www.wildlifedepartment.com/fishing.  

- Don P. Brown is a communication & education specialist for the Wildlife Department

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