Carolina Chickadee on a branch.  Photo by Stephen Ofsthun
Stephen Ofsthun

Community scientists can share plant and wildlife sightings during the 2022 Winter BioBlitz. Photo of Carolina chickadees by Stephen Ofsthun.

The Oklahoma Biological Survey is kicking off 2022 with their first ever Winter BioBlitz! OK, Jan. 28 - Feb. 4. The week-long event will be a great opportunity to get outside during winter and learn more about the plants and animals in your backyard, local park, or natural area. 

"People think everything is dead or hiding in winter, but that's not the case," explains Priscilla Crawford, BioBlitz! OK Coordinator and Conservation Specialist with the Oklahoma Biological Survey. "Especially in Oklahoma, we have mild days when insects emerge and even plants will green up. Not to mention all the winter birds, colorful lichens, and tracks animals leave behind!" 

Participants in BioBlitz! OK become Community Scientists by making observations of wildlife anywhere within Oklahoma during the official week, Jan. 28 - Feb. 4. Using the free iNaturalist and eBird apps, Community Scientists upload pictures and lists of all the organisms they see.

Winter BioBlitz! OK 2022 is the first of four week-long events to be held each season during 2022. Community Scientists who participate in all four inventories will be eligible for the BioBlitz! OK Superior Community Scientist Award.

You can learn more about Winter BioBlitz! OK 2022 and how to participate at

About BioBlitz! OK: BioBlitz! OK is a project of the Oklahoma Biological Survey, a state agency and research unit of the University of Oklahoma. The aim is to celebrate, explore, and engage with Oklahoma's biodiversity through a series of events and activities that invite the community to learn about our state's flora and fauna. 

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