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bat watch -sign up begins May 29, 2012

You Need to Know

Bat watch registration will be a randomly-drawn process from mailed in registration forms.  

Step 1.Print off the Bat Watch Registration Form.

Step 2. Read the form carefully. Select dates in order of preference choice starting with the first choice (#1). Complete one form for your entire family or group.

Step 3. READ the rules for the evening event and SIGN the form indicating that you have read the rules.

Step 4. Make checks or money orders payable to Wildlife Diversity Program. Credit cards are not accepted. 

Step 5. Mail completed registration form and check to: Bat Watch Program, P O Box 53465, OKC, OK 73152. ONLY MAILED IN REGISTRATION FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

JUNE 10, 2016. Bat Watch drawing will take place on June 14, 2016.

Successful registrants will receive an email confirmation and a confirmation packet in the mail. The confirmation letter will serve as your "ticket" to the evening. Unsuccessful registrants will receive their registration form and returned check in the mail.