A simple "Thank You" can't express the extent of appreciation that is felt when someone goes above and beyond to lend a hand. And this is never more true than with the many groups that have become our invaluable partners in conserving Oklahoma's tremendous natural resources. The Wildlife Department , and in turn you as a sportsman, are blessed by these quality organizations that have made significant contributions to wildlife management in Oklahoma during the past year.

05/23/2016 Quail Forever $3,000 N/A Quail Forever's donation helped purchase a trailer for the transport of tractor/equipment between Lexington and Grady County WMAs. The Grady County WMA is being managed with extra emphasis on quail, with prescribed fire and grazing to increase vegetational diversity and structure.
05/18/2016 Quail Forever $5,000 N/A Quail Forever donated $5,000 to ODWC for the purchase of a skid steer loader and implements for the central regions Wildlife Management Areas. Wildlife Management Areas are lands owned, licensed, leased or under the management of the Wildlife Division. The primary objective on all lands owned or managed by the Department is the sound management and use of fish and wildlife resources.
05/02/2016 St. Mary's Catholic School $750 N/A St. Mary's Catholic School donated funds to be specifically designated to purchase archery equipment needed for a new school starting the Archery in the Schools Program. Schools across the country are discovering an exciting new program that hits the bullseye in meeting the physical education needs of their students. Through the Oklahoma National Archery in the Schools (OKNASP) Program, students have the chance to excel today, tomorrow and throughout a lifetime in the unique sport of archery. The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), of which OKNASP is a part, is a coordinated effort and partnership between schools, state wildlife agencies and the nation’s archery industry. In Oklahoma, OKNASP promotes physical education by providing target archery training to the state’s youth. Designed for 4th-12th graders, the curriculum covers archery history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration and self-improvement.
04/27/2016 DJ's Fundraising, INC $1,000 N/A DJ's Fundraising donated $1,000.00 to the ODWC Shotgun Training and Education Program (STEP). The STEP program offers a broad range of learning opportunities for beginners as well as experienced hunters with special emphasis on teaching basic wing-shooting techniques and fundamentals. The program projects a positive image toward hunting and general acceptance of responsible gun ownership. Another important purpose for the program is the recruitment of new hunters for future interest in wildlife conservation and outdoor activities. In addition, the program exposes participants to the use of nontoxic shot to develop hunter confidence in lead-free shot shell alternatives.
04/20/2016 Randy and Mary Wedel $0 Materials/services Randy and Mary Wedel donated leftover fishing equipment from a building they purchased. The items donated will be used for the ODWC The Aquatic Resources Education Program (AREP). AREP promotes the sport of fishing and aquatic resource awareness as well as a way to give youth, an opportunity to learn about Oklahoma's aquatic environments and how to fish. The equipment donation is in the amount of $1400.00.
04/08/2016 Whitetails of Oklahoma $2,000 N/A This donation from Whitetails of Oklahoma was a contribution to the ODWC Wildlife Division.
04/08/2016 Samuel Barrick and Larry Brown $1,600 N/A These donations of $1,500 from Samuel Barrick and $100 from Larry Brown to the ODWC Law Division made it possible to fund the purchase of a decoy deer used by law enforcement to battle poaching in the state.
03/25/2016 Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad $0 Materials/services The Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad sponsored the ODWC Youth Camp, which gives youth a better understanding of careers in wildlife and fisheries management and law enforcement. The camp is conducted entirely by game wardens, wildlife and fisheries professionals and dedicated hunters and anglers.
03/01/2016 Boy Scout Troop 302 $1,000 N/A Boy Scout Troop 302 provided $1,000 to be used at the Byron Hatchery Watchable Wildlife Area.
03/01/2016 Tom J. and Edna Mae Carson Foundation $1,000 N/A In support of the Monarch Watch Program at Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area in southwest Oklahoma.