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Outdoor Oklahoma Journal

This is the Outdoor Oklahoma Journal, where we're all about helping you pursue and engage in Oklahoma's vibrant outdoor lifestyle. Follow us for great hunting and fishing stories, wildlife features, insider information about unique opportunities, and tangible details on how to go out and be a hunter, angler, and conservationist. The outdoors are always open, so don't miss out!

Celebrate #MothWeek by Sharing Your Sightings

Help shed light on Oklahoma's moth community by sharing your sightings this #MothWeek.

Tips for Sharing the Hunting Heritage with Kids

Conservation is funded by sportsmen when they buy hunting and fishing licenses and pay federal excise taxes on sporting goods, so an important part of ensuring a future for conservation includes ensuring a future for sportsmen. Share your heritage!

The Youth Annual Super Hunting License

A new hunting license is simplifying access to the sport for youth in Oklahoma, making it easier and more affordable for parents to get (and keep) their kids involved in hunting while cashing in on more valuable family time outdoors.

Catch, Clean & Cook Bass

Tips on how to catch eater-sized largemouth bass, how to clean them and how to cook them.

Textbook Upland Prairie Habitat for Deer, Quail and More

Upland prairie habitat is something land managers and biologists speak about quite a bit because of the importance of these habitats for wildlife. Upland prairies should contain a good mix of native grasses and flowering plants along with native shrubs and legumes.

“Will You Walk into My Parlour?”

Spider enthusiasts share tips for living – or at least existing – with eight-legged visitors to our homes and spaces.

How to Know if Your Pasture or Range is Overgrazed

A key point to understanding overgrazing is that it’s not a problem of overstocking – a function of number of head per acre – but a function of time. When a plant is not given adequate time between grazing events to rest and regrow, overgrazing can occur. Overstocking can lead to overutilization of forage, leading to overgrazing.

Wild Double Take: Alligator Snapping and Common Snapping Turtles

Tips for identifying two Oklahoma look-alike turtles, the alligator snapping and common snapping turtles.

Prescribed Burning for Ring-necked Pheasants

Managing for pheasants in Oklahoma doesn’t have to be an overly arduous task, in many instances a few simple adjustments to existing practices can ensure that you are leaving space and resources ‘for the birds.’

Striped & Hybrid Striped Bass Angler Guide: Top Tips & Area Highlights

Fishing tips and top public destinations for striped and hybrid striped bass fishing in Oklahoma.