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The Partnership

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) is offering a habitat enhancement partnership opportunity aimed at improving fishing in reservoirs smaller than 4,000 acres that are accessible to the public. For applicants who are not the reservoir owners or operators, securing a letter of support or approval from the relevant governing body (such as the city council or mayor) is necessary.

King Jacks

A fish habitat structure built out of wood and cinderblocks.

MossBack Structures

ODWC fisheries employees are deploying Mossback fish habitats.

Shelbyville Cube

PVC fish habitat structures are sinking into a lake.


ODWC provides a range of habitat structures from which applicants can choose. Their placement will be determined by ODWC in consultation with the applicant to avoid any potential damage to existing infrastructure, watercraft, or endangerment to recreational safety. ODWC will handle the procurement of the selected structures, with any structures purchased or donated by the applicant not eligible for funds. Overall, this partnership offers a collaborative opportunity to enhance fishing experiences in designated reservoirs while ensuring responsible management practices are upheld.

To apply, applicants should fill out the form below before the Sept. 15 deadline. Please see "Preview Questions & Requirements" for a list of questions that must be answered on page two of the application. This partnership has a 1:1 match where ODWC will match applicant's non-federal funds up to $2,500 for a total of $5,000 ($2,500 applicant funding, $2,500 ODWC). After the Sept. 15 deadline, applications will be evaluated and up to 3 qualifying applicants will be awarded and notified. At that time, winners will meet with Habitat Team biologists to discuss potential habitat types and placement as well as funding procedures. 



Oklahoma Habitat Enhancement Partnership Application

Application Deadline: 

Sept. 15, 2024

No paper applications will be accepted. Please fill out the form below to apply.


Fisheries Biologist Michael Hollie:

Fisheries Biologist David Bogner:

To help speed up the application process, please review the following requirements.

Preview Questions & Requirements

File attachments: Please include a letter of support from the reservoir owner indicating approval for grant application and work. 


  1. Why should your reservoir be selected for the Oklahoma Habitat Enhancement Partnership?
  2. Why is your reservoir important to the community?
  3. Has any known habitat work been completed previously? If so, please list?
  4. Has this reservoir had any improvements funded by ODWC, including but not limited to Boating and Fishing Access (BFA)? Please indicate the work completed and the year.
  5. Does this reservoir have bank fishing access? Please indicate where this access is located on the reservoir and approximately how much shoreline (miles).
  6. Does this reservoir have any Special regulations from ODWC, the County, the City, or another owner? If so, please list them.
  7. This partnership is a 1:1 match requiring Non-Federal funds as the match from the applicant. Do you have the matching funds in hand? If not, when do you expect to have the full amount of funding? What is the source of your funding? 
  • Current Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Complete

Are you applying as a representative for a municipality or Non-Profit Group?