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Controlled Hunts

What Are Controlled Hunts?

Controlled hunts are offered for deer, elk, antelope, and turkey. They are held in areas where unrestricted public hunting would pose safety concerns or where overharvest might occur.

Hunters wishing to go on one of these controlled hunts must submit an application, which goes into the running with all other applications for that hunt. Hunters are selected through a random drawing.

Applicants must apply online at


Kristen Shay, 7 months pregnant, with her bull elk harvest from a walk-in controlled hunt in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
George Kennedy


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2024 Controlled Hunt Application Period:

APRIL 1 - MAY 20

Results will be released in June




What's The Cost?

A $10 application fee allows multiple applications in controlled hunt categories (elk, pronghorn, deer, spring turkey) and includes the option to select Preference Point Only.

PointGuard insurance is available for an additional $10 for residents or $50 for nonresidents. Applicants may also add extra hunt choices beyond the standard limit for $3 each. 

If drawn, additional license and user fees may apply.

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How To Increase Your Odds

You can increase your chances by first doing some research. Start by studying the data from the most recent controlled hunts drawing cycle.

2023-2024 Results

Additionally, this article is designed to give controlled hunt applicants some insights into how the program works, perhaps giving you an edge to having your name drawn.

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The Application Process


Before You Apply

Everything you need to know before submitting your application.

How To Apply

ODWC's step-by-step guide for the application process.

After You Apply

What to expect after finishing your application.



Looking for your Controlled Hunt Documents?  


Check My Application

Successful applicants will receive notification by e-mail. Select "Controlled Hunt Applications & Awards" to see your documents.  

You can also access your documents from the Go Outdoors OK app by selecting "Purchase License" and then selecting "Controlled Hunt Applications & Awards".