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How To Apply For Controlled Hunts: A Step-By-Step Guide

Controlled Hunt Application Period Closes 5/22/2023

Controlled Hunt Categories can be found on the Go Outdoors Oklahoma Controlled Hunts Page.

The annual controlled hunts application period opens in April and runs until mid-May. The entire process occurs online at There is a one-time application fee of $5 paid at the time you submit the application, regardless of how many hunt categories you apply in. After applicants have reached the maximum number of hunt choices allowed in a category (up to 14 hunt choices across four categories for $5 application fee), applicants will then be allowed to buy additional hunt choices at $3 per choice. There is no limit to how many extra hunt choices can be purchased, but applicants can only select a specific hunt once. Also, applicants will be able to add PointGuard insurance to each category, a safeguard against losing preference points in case the hunter cannot attend any of the hunts he wins.

2023 Controlled Hunt Categories
Additional hunt info will be available when they are selected in the GoOutdoors Oklahoma system.

2023 Youth Deer - Controlled Hunt Options

2023 Deer - Controlled Hunt Options

2023 Elk - Controlled Hunt Options

2023 Antelope - Controlled Hunt Options

2023 Motor Vehicle Deer - Controlled Hunt Options

2023 Spring Turkey - Controlled Hunt Options

2023 Youth Spring Turkey - Controlled Hunt Options


Be sure to take advantage of recently added options. Click here for more information.

STEP 1 All applicants (residents and nonresidents) must possess or purchase a valid Oklahoma hunting license for the current calendar year of the drawing. Licenses are sold online at and are valid immediately.

STEP 2 Review all the hunt locations in the category lists above. You may apply for several hunt locations within each category. There are seven categories: elk, pronghorn, deer, youth deer, deer for physically challenged; spring turkey, youth spring turkey. Write down the hunt location numbers you want to apply for before you go online to start your application at

STEP 3 Gather information for each hunter: driver’s license and Social Security number (DL not required for youths); date of birth; name; address (city, state and ZIP code); phone number.

STEP 4 Log in or, if a new customer, create an account at Click on “Controlled Hunts” and “Apply.” Fill out the application with required information. Please double-check personal information to make sure it is entered correctly so your application will not be disqualified.

STEP 5 Applications are submitted one category at a time; upon submitting one application and saving/printing the confirmation page, you will have the opportunity to choose to submit another application in a different category. Repeat the process to submit additional applications in as many categories as you desire. Be sure to complete and submit all of your applications in one session because you will lose information if you 
close the internet browser window.

STEP 6 A $5 application fee is required of each person on the application. If you apply for a group, you will pay the fee for each person in the group at one time. You will be required to enter your credit/debit card information. Only VISA, Discover or MasterCard are accepted.

STEP 7 Submit application and payment, then print/save your confirmation page so you have a record of the hunts you applied for. If you applied as a group, the confirmation will list all group members on the application. If you discover any discrepancies, contact the Wildlife Department immediately for assistance at (405) 521-3852.

STEP 8 Print/save your payment confirmation page. You can also print confirmation pages after you apply by clicking “Verify Controlled Hunts Applications.”

STEP 9 If you receive a notice that payment was not received, click on “Verify hunter information” to check accuracy, then return to payment information.