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How To Apply For Controlled Hunts

A Step-By-Step Guide

Controlled Hunt Application Period Closes 5/20/2024

The annual controlled hunts application period opens in April and runs until mid-May. The entire process occurs online at There is a one-time application fee of $10 paid at the time you apply, regardless of how many hunt categories you apply in. 

After applicants have reached the maximum number of hunt choices allowed in a category (up to 14 hunt choices across four categories for a $10 application fee), applicants will then be allowed to buy additional hunt choices at $3 per choice. There is no limit to how many extra hunt choices can be purchased, but applicants can only select a specific hunt once. Also, applicants will be able to add PointGuard insurance to each category, a safeguard against losing preference points in case the hunter cannot attend any of the hunts he wins.



2024 Controlled Hunt Categories

Additional hunt info will be available when they are selected in the GoOutdoorsOklahoma system.

2024 Antelope - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameDescriptionHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin Age
2001Cimarron County - Either SexGun8/29/20249/1/202410Either-Sex1114
2002Cimarron County - Doe OnlyGun9/2/20249/9/202415Doe Only1114
2010Texas County - Either SexGun8/29/20249/1/20245Either-Sex1114
2011Texas County - Doe OnlyGun9/2/20249/9/202410Doe Only1114
2024 Deer - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameDescriptionHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin Age
3001Atoka WMA - Either-SexGun11/22/202411/24/202440Either-Sex1414
3007Beaver River WMA, McFarland Unit - Either-SexGun11/23/202411/24/20242Either-Sex1118
3008Beaver River WMA - Either-SexGun11/23/202411/24/20242Either-Sex1114
3009Beaver River WMA McFarland Unit - Whitetail ONLYGun11/23/202411/24/20248Either-Sex1414
3010Beaver River WMA - Whitetail ONLYGun11/23/202411/24/202420Either-Sex1414
3020Candy Creek WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader10/26/202411/3/202412Either-Sex1414
3021Candy Creek WMA - Either-SexGun11/23/202412/8/202412Either-Sex1414
3030Canton WMA - Either-SexGun11/23/202411/24/202475Either-Sex1414
3044Cherokee GMA - Either-SexGun11/16/202411/16/202460Either-Sex1414
3046Cherokee GMA - Either-SexGun11/17/202411/17/202460Either-Sex1414
3060Cookson WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader11/2/202411/3/202412Either-Sex1414
3061Cookson WMA - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader11/2/202411/2/202423Antlerless Only1414
3062Cookson WMA - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader11/3/202411/3/202423Antlerless Only1414
3063Cookson WMA - Either-SexGun11/9/202411/10/202412Either-Sex1414
3064Cookson WMA - Antlerless OnlyGun11/9/202411/9/202418Antlerless Only1414
3065Cookson WMA - Antlerless OnlyGun11/10/202411/10/202418Antlerless Only1414
3080Deep Fork NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredMuzzleloader10/14/202410/20/202450(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3081Deep Fork NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/4/202411/30/2024300(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3090Four Canyon Preserve - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader10/18/202410/19/20244Antlerless Only1118
3091Four Canyon Preserve - (2) Either-SexMuzzleloader10/18/202410/19/20242(2) Either-Sex1118
3092Four Canyon Preserve - Antlerless OnlyGun11/8/202411/9/20244Antlerless Only1118
3093Four Canyon Preserve - (2) Either-SexGun11/8/202411/9/20242(2) Either-Sex1118
3110Ft. Gibson WRP - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery10/22/202410/22/202450(2) Only 1 Antlered1416
3111Ft. Gibson WRP - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader10/23/202410/23/202450Antlerless Only1416
3112Ft. Gibson WRP - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader11/12/202411/12/202450Antlerless Only1416
3113Ft. Gibson WRP - Either-SexMuzzleloader11/13/202411/13/202425Either-Sex1414
3114Ft. Gibson WRP - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader11/13/202411/13/202425Antlerless Only1416
3120Grady County WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader10/26/202411/3/202410Either-Sex1414
3121Grady County WMA - Either-SexGun11/23/202412/1/202410Either-Sex1414
3150Lexington WMA - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/16/202411/16/2024135(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3151Lexington WMA - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/17/202411/17/2024135(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3152Lexington WMA - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/20/202411/20/2024135(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3153Lexington WMA - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/21/202411/21/2024135(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3160Little River NWR - 2 (1st Antlerless, 2nd Either Sex)Gun11/1/202411/3/202430(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3161Little River NWR - 2 (1st Antlerless, 2nd Either Sex)Gun11/8/202411/10/202430(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3170McAlester AAP Physically Challenged - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery10/11/202410/13/202470(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3171McAlester AAP - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery10/18/202410/20/2024275(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3172McAlester AAP - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery10/25/202410/27/2024275(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3173McAlester AAP - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/1/202411/3/2024275(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3174McAlester AAP - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/8/202411/10/2024275(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3175McAlester AAP - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/15/202411/17/2024275(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3190McCurtain Co. WA - Either-SexGun11/8/202411/10/202416Either-Sex1414
3201McGee Creek WMA - Either-SexGun11/22/202411/24/202465Either-Sex1414
3203Neosho WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader11/9/202411/10/20246Either-Sex1214
3206Oka'Yanahli Preserve - (2) Antlerless OnlyGun10/4/202410/6/20247(2) Antlerless Only1218
3207Oka'Yanahli Preserve - (2) Antlerless OnlyGun12/13/202412/15/20247(2) Antlerless Only1218
3210Okmulgee GMA - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/16/202411/17/202430(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3220Osage-Western Wall WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader10/30/202411/3/202410Either-Sex1414
3223Pontotoc Ridge Preserve - (2) Antlerless OnlyGun10/4/202410/6/20246(2) Antlerless Only1118
3224Pontotoc Ridge Preserve - (2) Antlerless OnlyGun10/11/202410/13/20246(2) Antlerless Only1118
3225Pontotoc Ridge Preserve - (2) Antlerless OnlyGun12/13/202412/15/20246(2) Antlerless Only1118
3230Pushmataha WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader11/22/202411/24/202450Either-Sex1414
3240Salt Plains NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery12/2/202412/5/202425(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3241Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery12/2/202412/5/202410(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3242Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SMuzzleloader11/4/202411/6/202425(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3243Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SMuzzleloader11/4/202411/6/202410(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3244Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/12/202411/14/202425(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3245Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/12/202411/14/202410(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3246Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/18/202411/20/202425(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3247Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/18/202411/20/202410(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3275Sans Bois WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader11/8/202411/10/202415Either-Sex1414
3276Sans Bois WMA - Either-SexGun10/25/202410/27/202415Either-Sex1414
3280Sequoyah NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/11/202411/15/202430(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3281Sequoyah NWR - (2) Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader10/30/202411/1/202430(2) Antlerless Only1414
3282Sequoyah NWR - (2) Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader11/20/202411/22/202430(2) Antlerless Only1414
3283Sequoyah NWR - (2) Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader12/4/202412/6/202430(2) Antlerless Only1414
3284Sequoyah NWR (Refuge Islands) - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/11/202411/15/20244(2) Only 1 Antlered2214
3286Sequoyah Resort Park - (2) 1 either sex, 1 antlerlessArchery12/7/202412/8/202420(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
3290Spavinaw GMA - Either-SexGun10/26/202410/27/202420Either-Sex1414
3291Spavinaw GMA - Antlerless OnlyGun10/26/202410/27/202430Antlerless Only1414
3300Tishomingo NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun12/12/202412/13/202420(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1314
3320Washita NWR - Antlerless OnlyGun11/5/202411/6/20245Antlerless Only1118
3340Wichita Mts. NWR - Antlered OnlyGun11/19/202411/21/202420Antlered Only1418
3341Wichita Mts. NWR - Antlerless OnlyGun11/19/202411/21/202440Antlerless Only1418
3350Salt Plains State Park - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery10/14/202410/17/202410(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3351Salt Plains State Park - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery12/9/202412/12/202410(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3352Salt Plains State Park - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery10/21/202410/24/202410(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
3370Tishomingo NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/9/202411/17/202420(2) Only 1 Antlered1418
2024 Youth Deer - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt Number Hunt NameHunt TypeHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin AgeMax Age
5006Beaver River WMA, McFarland Unit - Either-SexGun10/18/202410/20/202415Either-Sex14517
5009Camp Gruber Cantonment - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SMuzzleloader11/29/202412/1/202440(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SNULLNULL115
5010Cherokee GMA - Either-SexGun11/2/202411/3/202450Either-SexNULLNULL115
5014Canton WRPGun11/9/202411/17/20242(2) Only 1 Antlered11115
5015Canton WRPGun12/14/202412/22/20242(2) Only 1 Antlered11115
5020Cookson WMA - Either-SexGun10/26/202410/27/202430Either-SexNULLNULL115
5025Cross Timbers WMA - Antlerless OnlyGun11/23/202412/1/202430Antlerless Only12115
5030Deep Fork NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredMuzzleloader10/21/202410/27/202425(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5035Eufaula Lake COEGun11/1/202411/3/20245Either-SexNULLNULL115
5040Ft. Cobb WMA and SP - Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader/Shotgun10/12/202410/13/202425Antlerless OnlyNULLNULL115
5050Ft. Gibson WRP - (2) Only 1 AntleredMuzzleloader11/9/202411/9/202420(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5053Heyburn COE - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun12/13/202412/15/20242(2) Only 1 Antlered11115
5055Kaw Lake COE - (2) 1 Either-Sex, 1 DoeGun11/1/202411/3/20246(2) 1 Either-Sex, 1 DoeNULL4115
5060Hugo WMA - Either-SexGun10/11/202410/13/202430Either-SexNULLNULL115
5061Hugo Lake COE (Kiamichi Park) - (2) Only 1 antlered.Gun10/11/202410/13/202410(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5062Hugo Lake COE (Kiamichi Park) - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun12/13/202412/15/202410(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5070James Collins WMA - Either-SexGun10/18/202410/20/202440Either-Sex11115
5071James Collins WMA - Either-SexGun10/25/202410/27/202440Either-Sex11115
5080Keystone COE - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun12/6/202412/8/20248(2) Only 1 Antlered11115
5085Little River NWR - 2 Deer (Only 1 Antlered)Gun10/25/202410/27/202415(2) Only 1 Antlered111215
5090McAlester AAP - DoeShotgun11/29/202412/1/202425Doe141215
5095Neosho WMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader10/12/202410/13/20246Either-SexNULLNULL1215
5096Neosho WMA - Either-SexGun11/2/202411/3/20246Either-SexNULLNULL1215
5111Okmulgee GMA - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/9/202411/10/202420(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5130Pine Creek WMA - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/8/202411/10/202425(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5140Pushmataha WMA - Either-SexGun10/25/202410/27/202435Either-SexNULLNULL115
5141Pushmataha WMA - Either-SexGun11/8/202411/10/202435Either-SexNULLNULL115
5150Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/1/202411/3/202425(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SNULLNULL1215
5160Sequoyah NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredMuzzleloader10/18/202410/20/202430(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5170Sequoyah Resort Park - (2) 1 either sex, 1 antlerlessMuzzleloader12/14/202412/15/202416(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SNULLNULL115
5175Skiatook COE  - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/29/202412/1/20244(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5180Spavinaw GMA - Either-SexMuzzleloader11/2/202411/3/202440Either-SexNULLNULL115
5181Spavinaw GMA - Either-SexGun11/8/202411/10/202440Either-SexNULLNULL115
5190Tenkiller COE - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/1/202411/3/202410(2) Only 1 AntleredNULLNULL115
5200Texoma COE (Burns Run) - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/8/202411/10/20246(2) Only 1 Antlered12115
5201Texoma COE (Lakeside) - (2) Only 1 AntleredGun11/15/202411/17/20248(2) Only 1 Antlered12115
5210Tishomingo NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun10/17/202410/18/202420(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SNULLNULL115
5220USDA Grazinglands R.L. - (2) 1st Antlerless; 2nd E-SGun11/8/202411/9/202420(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S121215
5221USDA Grazinglands R.L. - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun12/13/202412/14/202410(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S121215
5240Washita NWR - Antlerless OnlyGun10/11/202410/12/202410Antlerless OnlyNULLNULL115
5260Washita NWR - Antlerless OnlyGun11/1/202411/2/202410Antlerless OnlyNULLNULL115
5270Waurika Lake COE - Antlerless OnlyGun11/2/202411/3/20245Antlerless OnlyNULLNULL115
2024 Motor Vehicle Deer - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameHunt TypeHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin Age
4001Cherokee GMA - Either-SexGun10/26/202410/27/202440Either-Sex1414
4010Cookson WMA - Either-SexGun11/16/202411/17/202412Either-Sex1414
4015Copan COE Parks - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun12/6/202412/8/20245(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1114
4020Deep Fork NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredMuzzleloader10/28/202411/3/20245(2) Only 1 Antlered1214
4025Ft. Gibson WRP - (2) Only 1 AntleredMuzzleloader12/10/202412/11/202410(2) Only 1 Antlered1414
4040Oologah Lake COE - (2) 1 Doe, 1 BuckGun11/15/202411/17/20248(2) Only 1 Antlered1114
4050Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SMuzzleloader11/4/202411/6/20241(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1114
4051Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/12/202411/14/20241(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1114
4052Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/18/202411/20/20241(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1114
4060Sequoyah NWR - (2) Only 1 AntleredArchery11/11/202411/15/20242(2) Only 1 Antlered1114
4061Sequoyah NWR - (2) Antlerless OnlyMuzzleloader11/20/202411/22/20242(2) Antlerless Only1414
4070Sequoyah Resort Park - (2) 1 either sex, 1 antlerlessMuzzleloader12/21/202412/22/202414(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1414
4080Tishomingo NWR - (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-SGun11/7/202411/8/202410(2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1318
2024 Private Land Youth - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameHunt TypeHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsParty MinParty MaxMin AgeMax Age
8048Beckham County - Rippetoe - AntlerlessGun10/4/202410/5/20245111217
8049Beckham County - Rippetoe - AntlerlessGun10/11/202410/12/20245111217
8050Beckham County - Rippetoe - AntlerlessGun12/13/202412/14/20245111217
8051Beckham County - Rippetoe - AntlerlessGun12/20/202412/21/20245111217
8157Cleveland County - Miller Ranch - (2) AntlerlessGun12/8/202412/9/20241111217
8158Cleveland County - Miller Ranch - (2) AntlerlessGun12/15/202412/16/20241111217
8470Love County - TLC Ranch - AntlerlessGun12/15/202412/16/20241111217
8471Love County - OK Wildlife Mgmt Assoc - AntleredGun10/21/202410/21/202411111217
8472Love County - OK Wildlife Mgmt Assoc - AntlerlessGun12/9/202412/9/202422111217
8473Love County - Noble Research - AntlerlessGun10/14/202410/14/202410111217
8560Sequoyah County - Cherokee Rock Ranch - AntlerlessGun10/20/202410/22/20242111217
2024 Elk - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameHunt TypeHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin Age
1001Cookson WMA - Either-SexGun9/26/249/27/241Either-Sex1114
1020Wichita Mts. NWR - BullGun12/3/2412/5/2440Bull1118
1021Wichita Mts. NWR - CowGun12/3/2412/5/2470Cow1118
1030Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - Either-SexGun12/16/2412/20/2410Either-Sex1218
1031Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - CowGun12/16/2412/20/2460Cow1218
1040Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - Either-SexGun1/6/251/10/2510Either-Sex1218
1041Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - CowGun1/6/251/10/2560Cow1218
1050Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - Either-SexGun1/13/251/17/2510Either-Sex1218
1051Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - CowGun1/13/251/17/2560Cow1218
1060Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - Either-SexGun1/27/251/31/2510Either-Sex1218
1061Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - CowGun1/27/251/31/2560Cow1218
1070Wichita Mts. NWR (walk-in only)- Either SexGun2/3/252/7/2510Either-Sex1218
1071Wichita Mtn NWR (walk-in only) - CowGun2/3/252/7/2560Cow1218
1090Gruber CGTC/Cherokee WMAGun9/28/249/29/241Either-Sex1118
2024 Spring Turkey - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameHunt TypeHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin Age
6000Cross Timbers WMA - TomShotgun4/16/20254/20/202510Tom1214
6001Cross Timbers WMA - TomShotgun5/10/20255/14/202510Tom1214
6010Deep Fork NWR - TomShotgun4/21/20255/16/202510Tom1214
6020Four Canyon Preserve - TomShotgun4/4/20254/5/20252Tom1218
6021Four Canyon Preserve - TomShotgun4/11/20254/12/20252Tom1218
6040Little River NWR - TomShotgun4/25/20254/27/202520Tom1214
6050McAlester AAP - TomShotgun4/11/20254/13/202514Tom2214
6051McAlester AAP - TomShotgun4/18/20254/20/202514Tom2214
6060McCurtain Co. WA - TomShotgun4/11/20254/13/202516Tom1214
6080Tishomingo NWR - TomShotgun4/24/20254/25/20253Tom1214
2024 Youth Turkey - Controlled Hunt Options
Hunt NumberHunt NameHunt TypeHunt Start DateHunt End DateNumber of PermitsBag LimitParty MinParty MaxMin AgeMax Age
7000Hugo COE (Kiamichi Park) - TomShotgun4/5/20254/6/20254Tom11115
7010Washita NWR - TomShotgun4/11/20254/13/20252Tom11115
7020Deep Fork NWR - TomShotgun4/12/20255/16/202510Tom11115
7040Little River NWR - TomShotgun4/11/20254/13/20255Tom11115
7075Salt Plains NWR - TomShotgun4/11/20254/20/20252Tom111215




Before You Apply


How To Apply

STEP 1:  All applicants (residents and non-residents) must possess or purchase a valid Oklahoma hunting license for the current calendar year of the drawing. Licenses are sold online at and are valid immediately.

STEP 2:  Review the hunt options in the category list above. There are seven categories: elk, pronghorn, deer, youth deer, deer for the physically challenged, spring turkey, and youth spring turkey. Write down the hunt code for the hunt you want to apply for before you go online to start your application at 

STEP 3: If applying as a group, gather information for each hunter: 
A) Full name
B) Driver’s license (not required for youths)
C) Social Security number
D) Date of birth 
E) Address (city, state, and ZIP code)
F) Phone number

For more information about applying as a group, see Controlled Hunts: What Do I Need To Know.

STEP 4: Log in or, if a new customer, create an account at Click on “Controlled Hunts” and “Apply.” Fill out the application with the required information. Please double-check your personal information to make sure it is entered correctly so your application will not be disqualified.

STEP 5: Applications are submitted one category at a time; upon submitting one application and saving/printing the confirmation page, you will have the opportunity to choose to submit another application in a different category. Repeat the process to submit additional applications in as many categories as you desire. Be sure to complete and submit all of your applications in one session because you will lose information if you close the internet browser window.

STEP 6: A $10 application fee is required for each person on the application. If you apply for a group, you will pay the fee for each person in the group at one time. You will be required to enter your credit/debit card information. Only VISA, Discover, or MasterCard are accepted.

STEP 7: Submit your application and payment, then print/save your confirmation page so you have a record of the hunts you applied for. If you applied as a group, the confirmation will list all group members on the application. If you discover any discrepancies, contact the Wildlife Department immediately for assistance at (405) 521-3852.

STEP 8: Print/save your payment confirmation page. You can also print confirmation pages after you apply by clicking “Verify Controlled Hunts Applications.”

STEP 9: If you receive a notice that payment was not received, click on “Verify hunter information” to check accuracy, then return to payment information.



Where To Apply

Apply Online

Computer terminals also are available at most local libraries and the four ODWC installations listed below:

ODWC Headquarters
1801 N Lincoln Blvd
Oklahoma City
(405) 521-3851

Jenks Office
Oklahoma Aquarium
(918) 299-2334

Porter Office
North of Muskogee Turnpike on U.S. 60
(918) 683-1031

Lawton Office
West of Interstate 44 on State Highway 49
(Manning State Fish Hatchery)
(580) 529-2795

  1. Please make sure you have the following information for ALL applicants so you can complete your application accurately.
    • Social Security number and driver’s license number (DL not required for youths)
    • Date of birth
    • Hunting license number (if exempt, type "exempt" in hunting license number box)
    • Name and address
  2. To submit applications in multiple categories, complete the application process for one category. After printing your confirmation page for the first category, select the link to submit another application. You will be taken back to the first screen to select which category you want to apply in. As long as you submit all applications during the same session, you will not be prompted to re-enter your name, address, hunting license number, etc.; this information will be retained until you close the browser window.
  3. After submitting your application, print your confirmation page so you have a record of the hunts you applied for. If you applied as a group, the confirmation will list all group members entered on that application. If you discover any discrepancies, contact ODWC immediately for assistance at (405) 521-3852.