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Rehabilitator List

"Leave Young Wildlife Alone"

Should you encounter a young fawn or hatchling bird in your backyard or on your next adventure, wildlife biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation say it is best to leave these newborns alone.

Many times, these young animals only appear to be alone; an adult is typically nearby and will return when your perceived threat passes. Other times, spring storms blow nestling birds and squirrels from nests. While these animals may seem to be distressed, an adult animal will often find and care for them. "As difficult as it can be, sometimes the best help we can offer young wildlife is to leave them alone and let nature run its course," said Melynda Hickman, wildlife diversity biologist with the Wildlife Department.

While leaving these young animals alone is the best course of action, wildlife rehabilitators across the state will take in injured wildlife. To find a rehabilitator in your county and a list of the species they accept, please see the list below.

Those interested in reabilitating wildlife can download this application process PDF.

County City Name Phone Number Rehabilitator Type
Beckham ERICK HARKINS, DIANA (580) 729-1673


Bryan Durant BILYEU, WANDA (580) 775-7524

Raccoons, Deer

Caddo HINTON BOLING, BRANDI (405) 834-0110

Raccoon, Deer Small Mammals

Caddo Anadarko BROCK, FORREST (405) 831-5171

Fawns/Whitetail Deer

Cherokee Tahlequah LAYMON, MICHELLE (918) 816-1371

Mammals, Reptiles

Cleveland Noble GIUFFRIDA, INGER (405) 872-9338

All Oklahoma Native Species: Mammals, Songbirds, Water Birds, Waterfowl, Raptors - Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, And Owls, Reptiles, And Amphibians

Cleveland Moore RAMSEY, LAURA (405) 618-8803

Mammals, Non-Migratory Birds, Turtles

Coal Coalgate COUCH, AMY (580) 239-0476


Comanche Lawton RODRICK, ROY (580) 581-3219

(Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, etc)

Creek Kellyville PRICE, STACEY (918) 850-9210

Raptors, Fawns, Groundhogs, Bobcat, Fox

Dewey Vici COLE, RANDI (580) 821-1254


Dewey Seiling KUGHN, CANDI (580) 334-3453

Birds, Mammals, Reptiles

Garfield Enid PULIS, TINA (918) 808-5200


Garfield ENID KEITHLY, PAIGE (580) 231-0476

Especially Orphaned Opossums And Orphaned Birds

Harper May MEAD, MARY (580) 216-8564


Latimer Wilburton ANDERSON, HEATHER (918) 465-7600

Deer, Opossum

Le Flore Wister SHATSWELL, SANDRA (918) 721-8036


Le Flore Muse MEASLES, LEANN (918) 927-2547


Lincoln PERKINS JUDKINS, MEGAN (405) 880-0734

Bald And Golden Eagles

Lincoln Perkins LONETREE, ASHLEY (405) 334-7471

Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles

Marshall Madill WILLIFORD, NIKKI (580) 768-3642


McClain Byars BRIXEY, TOMMY (580) 583-6135

Raccoons , Opossums, Skunks, No Birds Or Deer Unless To Transport To Another Rehabilitation Person

McCurtain Broken Bow VIRGIN, TAMMY (580) 209-2458

Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums

McCurtain Broken Bow BECKERS, CAROLYN (580) 743-0935

Mammals & Reptiles

McIntosh Checotah ROBISON, TAMMY (918) 230-2747

Deer and small mammals

Muskogee MUSKOGEE FLUSCHE, KAREN (991) 869-6732


Muskogee Muskogee KEENER, GIL (918) 781-2803


Oklahoma Oklahoma City SMITH, JESSICA (405) 830-9925


Oklahoma Jones GOVETT, SUZANNE (405) 641-4060


Okmulgee Dewar CARTER, CAROL (918) 557-3166


Osage Skiatook MCNALLY, MICHAEL (918) 396-4831


Payne Perkins TORRES, JESSICA (405) 665-0091

Birds (Except Eagles), Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians

Payne Stillwater LEMOS BRANDAO, JOAO MANUEL (405) 744-7000

All Birds, All Reptiles (Except Venomous), All Mammals (Except Likely Rabies Carriers [Raccoons, Skunks], Deer, Canines, Felines, And Bears)

Pittsburg McAlester BUTLER, KARA (918) 348-4082

Open To Any

Pottawatomie SHAWNEE INGERSOLL, KERRY (405) 306-8595

Whitetail Deer And Fawn 

Pushmataha Rattan GRIMMETT, BRITTANIE (580) 271-1271

Mammals And Birds

Pushmataha Antlers SMITH, TAMMI (405) 496-9272

All Mammals, Deer, Squirrel,Raccoon,Fox, Bobcat, Skunk, Opposum, Rabbit

Rogers Claremore KING, ANNETTE (918) 342-9453

All Species Of Mammals, Deer, Bear, Birds, Reptiles, Birds Of Prey, Eagles

Rogers Claremore LOTT, SUSAN (918) 342-9453

All Species Of Mammals Deer, Birds Raptors And Eagles

Rogers Claremore BECKHAM, ANGELA (918) 342-9453

All Species Of Mammals, Deer, Birds, Birds Of Prey

Stephens Hastings MILLAN, VIOLET (580) 475-4343


Tillman Frederick PARKS, JULIE (580) 305-4020

Wildllife Birds Mammals Exotic Etc

Tulsa Owasso SILVA, CHARLES (918) 342-9453

Birds, Mammals, Reptiles And Amphibians

Tulsa Tulsa BARKOWSKI, JOSEPH (918) 669-6225

Native And Exotic Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians Ect

Tulsa Tulsa OLSON, DANIEL (918) 282-3088

Raptors (Birds Of Prey)

Tulsa TULSA OLSON, RACHEL (918) 282-3088

Raptors (Birds Of Prey)

Tulsa Broken Arrow MCKAY, JAN (918) 640-7337


Tulsa Tulsa SMITH, NICOLE (918) 688-8020

Mammals (Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels), Reptiles (Turtles, Snakes), Non-Native Birds (Starlings) And Songbirds/Raptors Pending Federal Licensure

Tulsa Jenks LOCKER, KATHY (918) 671-3338

Mammals, Birds, Reptiles



Tulsa Tulsa BECKER, KATHY (918) 855-1817

Rabbits, Mammals

Wagoner Coweta GAULDING, DONNA (918) 935-7579


Wagoner Broken Arrow PROVENCHER, BETHANY (918) 260-1499

Deer, All Except Opossum And Coyotes 

Woods WAYNOKA KEENAN, TANDY (580) 334-9350

Reptiles and Amphibians

Woodward Woodward WILLINGHAM LOOMIS, TAMMY (580) 334-2251

Birds, Mammals, Turtles, Lizards