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Bass Jigs

Jigs are a foundational lure for black bass (largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass) fishing. Most have conal, circle or football shaped pre-molded heads with a skirt covering the hook and snag-free guard extending from the head.

Jigs are versatile lures. They can be jigged or dead sticked along the bottom, steadily retrieved and/or erratically retrieved. Bass jigs can be used to mimic crustaceans, amphibians/reptiles and bait fish, all staple dietary sources for black bass.

Jigs are particularly effective at triggering bites from large sluggish bass that are holding tight to structure. They are a good lure to use on bass in their wintering areas and spawning areas. Jigs can also pick off a few extra fish in areas like points and flats when the crankbait/swimbait bite dies down.

Use heavier jigs to reach greater depths and/or penetrate thick cover, anything 1/2 ounce or heavier.

Black and blue or green pumpkin with hints of reds and black are great jig patterns across Oklahoma. Pair your jig with a similarly colored plastic trailer such as a baby brush hog, crawfish, stick worm or paddletail swimbait for an even more appealing offering.