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What's more fun and exciting than watching a fish go aerial breach for a topwater lure?! Topwater action in Oklahoma is most active in the late spring, summer and fall during the morning and evening hours. These are the times of the year when terrestrial prey species such as frogs, lizards, snakes and ducklings are most active in addition to bait fish close to the surface. Predatory fish prefer the lowlight hours around dawn and dusk to attack surface prey especially in shallow water in the backs of coves and creek arms.

Topwater lures such as walking dogs, propellers and poppers are excellent options for temperate bass (striped, hybrid striped and white bass) when they are feeding at the surface. Large flocks of birds will often give away the location of a surface feeding frenzy so always be on the lookout for groups of gulls or cormorants bombarding the water. Loose schools of largemouth bass can be found in open water feeding at the surface during the post-spawn summer months, but are more easily taken on topwater in the shallow waters around points, the backs of coves/creek arms, and grassy flats.

In the late spring and fall, work bait fish imitating topwater lures for largemouth bass such as walking dogs, buzzbaits, propellers and poppers. During the summer months turn your focus to terrestrial imitators such as frogs and jitterbugs. When in clear water stick to quiet, naturally colored, lures like a hollow-body frog, jitterbug, propeller or walking dog. In dingy and stained water, try lures that cause more surface distruption like buzzbaits and poppers in flashy colors such as chartreuse, silver, white and gold.

Very small poppers are a fun way for kids and beginning anglers to get in on the topwater action at small ponds during the summer months when sunfish and bass are often looking to the surface in the morning and evening hours.