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2012 Legislative Session

New Laws passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor

Senate Bill 1518 by Sen. Fields and Rep. Armes. Prohibiting the import of feral swine into the state unless the feral swine are going directly to a slaughter facility in a sealed trailer and accompanied by a USDA permit. Bill is effective Nov. 1, 2012. .

Senate Bill 1743 by Sens. Russell, Ivester, Marlatt, Treat, Brinkley, Childers, David, Schulz, Brecheen, Newberry, Shortey, McIntyre, Ellis, Simpson, Justice and Johnson and Rep. Osborn. Allowing noise suppressors to be legal devices for hunting as long as they are hunting on land they own or they are guest on property for which they have permission from the owner. Bill is effective Nov. 1, 2012.

Senate Bill 1751 by Senators Brecheen and Allen and Rep. Armes. Allowing feral hogs to be caught, fitted with a tracking collar and released onto the same private land for the express intent of utilizing the Judas pig tagging system or into a controlled area as long as it is part of a Judas pig tagging system. The Judas pig tagging system is a population control technique where a radio collared feral swine is released into a control area and, after sufficient time is allowed to join other feral swine, it is tracked down and all swine associated with the collared swine are removed. Bill is effective Nov. 1, 2012.

House Bill 1314 by Reps. Richardson and Ritze and Sen. Coates. Repealing the prohibition against hunting white deer. The bill is effective immediately.

House Bill 2198 by Rep. Vaughan and Sen. Wyrick. Provides higher penalties for poaching paddlefish eggs with a current market value exceeding $5,000.

House Bill 2495 by Reps. Hardin and Roberts (Dustin) and Sen. Brecheen. Allowing persons or businesses operating as a meat processor to release to the Hunters Against Hunger Program unclaimed processed wild game after a 90 days following notification by telephone to the person who brought the wild game for processing that the wild game has been processed and is available for collection. Bill is  effective Nov. 1, 2012.

House Bill 2573 by Reps. Ownbey and Vaughan and  Sen. Simpson. Increases fines for fishing and hunting without permission and provides for a one- to five-year suspension of hunting and fishing privileges upon a second conviction of hunting or fishing without permission, and specifies that the minimum suspension will be one year. Further specifies that the Department may not issue any other licenses to the person during their suspension. Bill is effective Nov. 1, 2012.

House Bill 2607 by Rep. Blackwell and Sen. Shulz and Ivester. Limiting the Department of Wildlife Conservation from entering or approving conservation easements or setbacks for purposes relating to energy or agricultural structures and regarding the lesser prairie chicken that is more restrictive than those created pursuant to federal law, rules or guidelines. Prior to entering or approving a conservation easement or setback the Commission and Department shall review all information and studies presented to the Commission and Department by a public or private entity affected by the proposed conservation easement or setback. Bill is effective immediately.

House Bill 2920 by Rep. S. Martin and Sen. Coates. Allowing enclosed trigger traps as legal trap methods. Bill is effective Sept. 1, 2012.

House Bill 2925 by Rep. Armes and Sen. Marlatt. Prohibiting transport of live cervidae across state lines unless there is a reciprocal agreement with the state where the cervidae is being transported to or from; allowing the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry to negotiate reciprocal agreements with the federal government or any state, or any department or agency of either regarding farmed cervidae. Bill is effective Nov. 1, 2012.