New Guidebook Profiles Plants Important to Oklahoma Quail

January 24, 2018

New Guidebook Profiles Plants

Important to Oklahoma Quail

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service and Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation biologists, in cooperation with Quail Forever, have developed a new plant guide for Oklahoma that will be useful for those interested in helping quail.

“A Guide to Important Plants for Quail in Oklahoma” details many plants found across the state that are important to quail. Information includes a depiction of the approximate size of the plant’s seed and a picture of the plant to aid in proper identification. The guide includes common and scientific names of all plants listed. Important plants covered include grasses, grasslike plants (sedges), forbs (weeds), trees and shrubs that are commonly used by quail for food or cover.  

 Land managers, hunters, biologists and outdoor enthusiasts should find the guide invaluable in helping them identify common plants that quail readily use. Additionally, the guide will assist hunters in identifying many of the foods quail eat during quail hunting season. And the guide also includes helpful information highlighting common insects consumed by bobwhites. 

The guide is available online at It will be available in print sometime in February 2018.