Tax Refunds Can Help Oklahoma's Wildlife

February 14, 2019


Oklahomans receiving a refund in tax year 2018 can contribute all or a part of their refund to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s Wildlife Diversity Fund by using Oklahoma Resident Income Tax Return Schedule 511-H.

The fund, created in 1981, supports the conservation of our state’s nongame species.

“The Wildlife Department can use these donations to learn more about where our nongame fish and wildlife live and identify potential strongholds for rare or declining species,” said Jena Donnell, information specialist for the Wildlife Department.

“Donating $1, $2, or even $5 of your tax refund is just one of the many ways you can get involved in conservation efforts of our state’s fish and wildlife.”

In addition to participating in the Oklahoma tax checkoff program, wildlife enthusiasts can continue their commitment to conservation by making a tax-deductible donation to the Wildlife Diversity Fund.

“We’re able to make any donation – regardless if it comes from a tax refund or from an in-person donation – nearly triple when we leverage those donations against available federal funds. This means we can spend more time in the field learning about our state’s species of greatest conservation need.”

Learn more about Oklahoma’s fish and wildlife and the Wildlife Diversity Program by subscribing to the Wild Side, a monthly e-newsletter from the Wildlife Department; or by following ODWC – Wildlife Diversity Program on Facebook. Donations to the Wildlife Diversity Fund can be mailed to P.O. Box 53465 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152. 

Adding a Wildlife Conservation specialty license plate to your vehicle is another way to help the Wildlife Diversity Program fund surveys of rare or declining nongame fish and wildlife. Twenty dollars of the $39 fee ($36.50 for renewals) goes to the Wildlife Department. Specialty license plate fees are in addition to annual registration fees.