Volunteer Group Seeking Youths to Take on First-Time Hunts

August 2, 2018

Youths receive shooting education as a part of the first-time hunting experience provided by the Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program. Applications for this year's hunts are due by Sept. 15. (OYHP Photo)

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Volunteer Group Seeking Youths to Take on First-Time Hunts


Youths who have never had the opportunity to go deer hunting can apply for a chance to do just that. The Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program, an all-volunteer, nonprofit group, is seeking applicants to go on hunting trips this coming October.

OYHP President Darrell Noblitt said the group is hoping to mentor about 75 youths this year. The qualifications for the hunters are that they are between 12-17 years old, have never hunted before, and have one parent or guardian to accompany them on the hunt.

Youths will receive pre-hunt training and will have a volunteer guide, hunt-masters and mentors throughout the hunt. All hunts will be conducted on private lands during the state’s annual Youth Deer Gun Season from Oct. 18-21, with meals, equipment and accommodations provided free. The hunters will be required to buy the state's youth deer gun license.

This year, OYHP will celebrate taking the 500th youth on a first-time hunt since the organization began in 2008.

Youths and parents/guardians must fill out an application by the Sept. 15 deadline. For more information, go to www.oyhp.org.

The OYHP is not associated with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. For more information, visit the group’s website or contact Fred Raschen at (918) 605-2800 or raschen@cox.net, or Darrell Noblitt at (405) 833-2112 or darrell@noblittoilandgas.com.

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