Those wishing to participate in the Conservation Order Light Goose Season can now register for the season by obtaining the free permit online at, or by using the Go Outdoors Oklahoma app for Android or iOS.

Conservation Order Light Goose Season permit in Go Outdoors Oklahoma system.

What is it Conservation Order Light Goose Season?

The Wildlife Department is offering waterfowl hunters an opportunity to assist in managing the light goose population.  We need hunters to be the primary management tool to bring the over-population of light geese into balance with their habitat.

Why do we have it?

Populations of light geese (snow, blue and Ross') have grown to the point that they are causing serious damage to their arctic breeding ground in Canada. This over-population not only hurts the light geese, but it also impacts other migratory birds and arctic wildlife. In 1999, the US Fish and Wildlife Service issued the first Conservation Order Light Goose Season (COLGS) to encourage hunters to harvest additional light geese. Only by reducing the light goose population can the fragile breeding ground be restored.

When is the COLGS?

The COLGS begins after the close of the regular Canada goose season and typically extends until the end of March.

Hunters need to register to participate (Registration Period: Jan 1-March 30), to register you can obtain a free COLGS permit online at, or by using the Go Outdoors Oklahoma app for Android or iOS.

How is the COLGS different from the regular season?

  • Season dates (February 15 - March 30)
  • Only light goose hunting allowed (blue, snow, Ross')
  • Hunters may use an unplugged shotgun
  • No daily bag limit, no possession limit
  • Electronic calls allowed
  • Shooting hours extended to 1/2 hour after sunset
  • (In order to allow this special season, the USFWS requires the Department of Wildlife to report the number of light geese harvested in Oklahoma. We need to be able to contact COLGS hunters to find out how many light geese were harvested during the season.)

How is the COLGS the same as the regular season?

  • All necessary licenses are still required: hunting license, state and federal waterfowl stamps, Harvest Information Program (HIP) Permit. See the Hunting Guide for more information.
  • Non-toxic shot required
  • Shooting hours begin 1/2 hour before sunrise
  • All regular waterfowl hunting regulations apply.
  • (Click on the Waterfowl Hunting Guide link above for more information.)

For more information about the snow geese over-population and the COLGS, visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Office.