Waterfowl Hunting

Although not the first state to jump into mind when thinking of waterfowl, Oklahoma has been blessed with many diverse opportunities for waterfowlers. Located at the southern portion of the Central Flyway, Oklahoma is part of the wintering range for many species of ducks and geese. This provides sportsmen an opportunity to pursue their feathered quarry from November through January. Whether it is hunting teal and other puddle ducks on small waters early season, hunting mallards on a river in the coldest parts of winter, going after divers on large reservoirs, or pursuing geese in a grain field, Oklahoma provides an opportunity for you.


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Oklahoma has great waterfowl hunting opportunities across the state:


  • Great Salt Plains Lake
  • Fort Supply Lake 


  • Optima Lake



  • Oologah Lake
  • Verdigris River Valley
  • Ft. Gibson Lake 
  • Grand Lake
  • Keystone Lake  


  • Lake Eufaula
  • Kerr Lake
  • Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge
  • Wister Lake
  • Hugo Lake
  • Red Slough WMA
  • Sardis Lake
  • Lake Texoma


  • Fort Cobb Lake
  • Waurika Lake

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