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Fly Fishing Resources

Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular amongst warm water species anglers and Oklahoma is an untapped gold mine. While fly fishing is mostly viewed as a trout sport, Oklahoma's temperate bass, black bass, panfish and nongame species are just as eager to inhale a fly. Here you will find educational fly fishing information and videos along with Oklahoma-specific tips, tricks and places to go!


By Skylar St.Yves  I  Aquatic Education/Fishing Coordinator  I  Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Let's be honest, most people don't or quit fly fishing because of casting. It's a pain until you've mastered your own cast. It's a pain learning that beadheads fly a lot differently than size 18 dries. It's a pain to spook every trout in the county, when flicking a super duper on an ultra lite drills him every time. It's a pain until one day it's not. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE


The experts at KastKing share their thoughts on the basics of casting a fly line for anglers of all skill levels.