Fly Fishing Resources

Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular amongst warm water species anglers and Oklahoma is an untapped gold mine. While fly fishing is mostly viewed as a trout sport, Oklahoma's temperate bass, black bass, panfish and nongame species are just as eager to inhale a fly. Here you will find educational fly fishing information and videos along with Oklahoma-specific tips, tricks and places to go!


By Nate Satterelli  I  Guide  I  Native Waters Outfitters

Want one of the best river experiences on the fly rod? Oh yeah, did I mention it’s in Oklahoma?

Fly fishing for white bass is definitely a head turner, as the sport is typically known for its delicate presentations and beautiful casts by a man in a fishing vest smoking a cigar. However, if you haven’t heard, that persona has surely evolved. Actually, fly fishing and traditional angling have never been so similar. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE


The experts at KastKing share their thoughts on the basics of casting a fly line for anglers of all skill levels.