New Map Showcases Wildlife Viewing Areas

January 31, 2017

Western Oklahoma's wildlife diversity and spectacular landscapes have captivated nature enthusiasts from across the state and beyond. To help pinpoint wildlife-watching hotspots for visitors, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation recently created a new map showcasing destinations along the Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma.

Planning a trip to western Oklahoma's wildlife viewing areas has become much easier with this new Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma map. See which destinations should be on your itinerary at 

The Trail's 13 highway-based driving loops feature nearly 100 publicly- and privately-owned attractions, including 11 state parks, many city parks, and a variety of bed-and-breakfasts. The new map features each destination, providing photographs and trip suggestions, and allows visitors to get the most out of their journey by showing nearby attractions. Regular updates are scheduled for the map.

The Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma was created as a partnership between the Wildlife Department and the Oklahoma Wildlife and Prairie Heritage Alliance and has been directing outdoor adventurers to western Oklahoma's wildlife-watching hotspots for more than 10 years. Learn more about the Trail, including suggestions for one-day outings or routes that highlight bird-watching opportunities at