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Controlled Hunts

What Are Controlled Hunts?

Controlled hunts are offered for deer, elk, antelope, and turkey. They are held in areas where unrestricted public hunting would pose safety concerns or where overharvest might occur.

Hunters wishing to go on one of these controlled hunts must submit an application, which goes into the running with all other applications for that hunt. Hunters are selected through a random drawing.

Applicants must apply online at:

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Kristen Shay, 7 months pregnant, with her bull elk harvest from a walk-in controlled hunt in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
George Kennedy


2024 Controlled Hunt Application Period:

APRIL 1 - MAY 20

Results will be released: second week of June.




What's The Cost?

A $10 application fee allows multiple applications in controlled hunt categories (elk, pronghorn, deer, spring turkey) and includes the option to select Preference Point Only.

PointGuard insurance is available for an additional $10 for residents or $50 for nonresidents. Applicants may also add extra hunt choices beyond the standard limit for $3 each. 

If drawn, additional license and user fees may apply.

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How To Increase Your Odds

You can increase your chances by first doing some research. Start by studying the data from the most recent controlled hunts drawing cycle.

2023-2024 Results

Additionally, this article is designed to give controlled hunt applicants some insights into how the program works, perhaps giving you an edge to having your name drawn.

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The Application Process


Before You Apply

Everything you need to know before submitting your application.

How To Apply

ODWC's step-by-step guide for the application process.

After You Apply

What to expect after finishing your application.



Looking for your Controlled Hunt Documents?  


Check My Application

Successful applicants will receive notification by e-mail. Select "Controlled Hunt Applications & Awards" to see your documents.  

You can also access your documents from the Go Outdoors OK app by selecting "Purchase License" and then selecting "Controlled Hunt Applications & Awards".



Controlled Hunts Explained


Watch Controlled Hunts Explained on YouTube.



Results from 2023 Controlled Hunts




Area# Permits & Type# HuntersAntlered Antlerless
Cookson WMA1 Either-sex11 
Wichita Mts. NWR40 Bull Only3932 
Wichita Mts. NWR70 Cow Only54 24
Wichita Mts. NWR (Walk-in only)40 Either-sex3831 
Wichita Mts. NWR (Walk-in only)240 Cow Only205 120
Area# Permits & Type# HuntersAntlered Antlerless
Cimarron Co.10 Either-Sex10100
Cimarron Co.35 Doe Only25011
Texas Co.5 Either-Sex540
Texas Co.15 Doe Only1003
(A - Archery; M - Muzzleloader; G - Gun)Area# Permits & Type# HuntersAntlered Antlerless
GAtoka WMA40 Either-Sex3521
MBeaver River WMA- McFarland Unit10 Either-Sex800
GBeaver River WMA- McFarland Unit5 Either-Sex420
GBeaver River WMA15 Either-Sex1230
MCandy Creek WMA12 Either-Sex911
GCandy Creek WMA12 Either-Sex1011
GCanton WMA75 Either-Sex5682
GCherokee GMA120 Either-Sex95217
MCookson WMA12 Either-Sex, 46 Antlerless313 
GCookson WMA12 Either-Sex, 36 Antlerless2853
GCross Timbers WMA    
MDeep Fork NWR50 (2) Only 1 Antlered5018
ADeep Fork NWR300 (2) Only 1 Antlered3002115
MFour Canyon Preserve2 (2) Either-Sex, 4 Antlerless Only 000
GFour Canyon Preserve2 (2) Either-Sex, 4 Antlerless Only211
AFt. Gibson WRP50 (2) Only 1 Antlered4005
MFt. Gibson WRP125 Antlerless, 25 Either-Sex105615
MGrady County10 Either-Sex600
GGrady County10 Either-Sex921
GHugo WMA (Lyndol Fry)10 Either-Sex500
GLexington WMA540 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S339635
GLittle River NWR60 Either-Sex60132
AMcAlester AAP *1445 (2) Only 1 Antlered134110992
MMcCurtain Co. W.A.16 Either-Sex1440
MMcGee Creek WMA50 Either-Sex2950
GMcGee Creek WMA50 Either-Sex2712
MNeosho WMA6 Either-Sex510
GOka'Yanahli Preserve14 (2) Antlerless Only6 4
GOkmulgee GMA30 (2) Only 1 Antlered2041
MOsage/Western Wall10 (1) Either-sex8 2
GPontotoc Ridge Preserve16 (2) Antlerless Only10 8
MPushmataha WMA50 Either-Sex3521
ASalt Plains NWR35 (2) Only 1 Antlered2532
MSalt Plains NWR35 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S3018
GSalt Plains NWR70 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S, 6 Only One Antlered632141
MSans Bois WMA15 Either-Sex1020
GSans Bois WMA15 Either-Sex1121
ASequoyah NWR30 (2) Only 1 Antlered2747
MSequoyah NWR90 (2) Antlerless Only73111
ASequoyah NWR (Refuge Island)4 (2) Only 1 Antlered000
ASequoyah Resort Park16 (2) 1 E-S, 1 Antlerless1244
GSpavinaw GMA20 Either-Sex, 30 Antlerless2825
GTishomingo NWR20 (2) 1st Antlerless/2nd Either-Sex1659
GWashita NWR5 Antlerless Only404
GWichita Mts. NWR20 Antlered, 40 Antlerless39611
AGreat Salt Plains SP20 (2) Only 1 Antlered1313
GTexoma COE (Burns Run)6 Doe Only505
ATishomingo NWR30 (2) Only 1 Antlered1611
Motor Vehicle or Non-Ambulatory Permit Deer


 (M - Muzzleloader; G - Gun)Area# Permits & Type# HuntersAntlered Antlerless
GCherokee GMA40 Either-Sex2210
GCookson WMA12 Either-Sex111 
GCopan COE Parks5 (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd E-S314
MDeep Fork NWR5 (2) Only 1 Antlered521
MFt. Gibson WRP 10 (2) Only 1 Antlered601
GOologah Lake COE8 (2) Only 1 Antlered879
MSalt Plains NWR2 (2) Antlerless/Either-Sex212
GSalt Plains NWR4 (2) Antlerless/Either-Sex312
ASequoyah NWR2 (2) Only 1 Antlered000
MSequoyah NWR2 Antlerless Only000
MSequoyah Resort Park12 (2) Antlerless/Either-Sex1043
GTishomingo NWR10 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S867
Youth Deer
M - Muzzleloader; G - GunArea# Permits & Type# HuntersAntlered Antlerless
GArbuckle Springs WMA15 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1213
GBeaver River WMA- McFarland Unit15 Either-Sex1330
MCamp Gruber Cantonment40 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S31413
GCherokee GMA50 Either-Sex38112
GCanton WRP4 (2) Only 1 Antlered433
GCookson WMA30 Either-Sex2251
GCrosstimbers WMA30 Antlerless Only6 1
MDeep Fork NWR25 (2) Only 1 Antlered2533
GEufaula Lake COE5 Either-Sex531
MFt. Cobb WMA and SP40 Antlerless Only1209
MFt. Gibson WRP20 (2) Only 1 Antlered1934
GHeyburn COE2 (2) Only 1 Antlered101
GKaw Lake COE6 (2) Antlerless/Either-Sex434
GHugo WMA30 Either-Sex2385
GHugo Lake COE10 Either-Sex, 10 (2) Only 1 antlered18310
GJames Collins WMA80 Either-Sex651610
GKeystone COE8 (2) Only 1 Antlered838
MKeystone SP    
GLittle River NWR15 (2) Antlerless/Either-Sex1533
GMcAlester AAP *25 Antlerless20012
MNeosho WMA6 Either-Sex100
GNeosho WMA6 Either-Sex301
GOkmulgee GMA40 (2) Only 1 Antlered2735
GPine Creek WMA25 Either-Sex1842
GPushmataha WMA70 Either-Sex5766
GSalt Plains NWR25 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S23415
MSequoyah NWR30 (2) Only 1 Antlered2235
MSequoyah Resort Park12 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S1065
GSkiatook COE4 (2) Only 1 Antlered434
MSpavinaw WMA40 Either-Sex1110
GSpavinaw WMA40 Either-Sex3567
GTenkiller COE10 (2) Only 1 Antlered1037
GTexoma COE12 (2) Only 1 Antlered1275
GTishomingo NWR20 (2) 1st Antlerless, 2nd E-S14411
GUSDA Grazinglands20 (2) Antlerless Only19515
GUSDA Grazinglands10 (2) 1st Antlerless/E-S927
GWashita NWR20 Antlerless Only16 14
GWaurika Lake COE5 Antlerless Only402
Spring Turkey
Area# Permits & Type# HuntersTom
Cross Timbers WMA20  - 1 Tom71
Deep Fork NWR10  - 1 Tom103
Four Canyon Preserve4    - 1 Tom21
Little River NWR20  - 1 Tom201
McAlester AAP40  - 1 Tom7714
McCurtain Co. WA16  - 1 Tom72
Tishomingo NWR3    - 1 Tom22
Youth Spring Turkey
Area# Permits & Type# HuntersTom
Deep Fork NWR10  - 1 Tom100
Hugo COE (Kiamichi Park)4    - 1 Tom41
James Collins10 - 1 Tom50
Little River NWR5    - 1 Tom50
Salt Plains NWR2    - 1 Tom10
Washita NWR Youth Exemption2    - 1 Tom21
Wichita Mtn NWR (Walk-In Only)1  - 1 Tom00

* Hunter numbers and deer harvest shown represent combined results for state controlled hunts and McAAP federal base drawn hunters. Total harvest shown to accurately reflect percent success rates.