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The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is committed to showcasing your proud hunting harvests to the world! The Tailgate is a place to share your hunting photos and see what's being harvested around the state. Any game species that was harvested in Oklahoma is eligible for submission. So harvest that animal, snap that pic, and show it off at The Tailgate!

Upload Your Harvest

girl with harvested doe
Emilee Ringwald
  • Harvested in: Beckham County
Tailgate of quail
Clyde Coulter
boy with turkey
Casey Gordon
  • Harvested in: Stephens County
boy with turkey
Elijah Padgett
  • Harvested in: Sequoyah County
girl with doe
Caley Smith
  • Harvested in: Creek County
boy with turkey
Carl Heckle
man with beaver
Max McKnight
  • Harvested in: Payne County
woman with turkey
Vanessa Maib
  • Harvested in: Blaine County


Young hunter pictured with harvested deer.
Emry Hannam
  • Harvested in: Tulsa County
Father and son are pictured with the harvested deer.
Bronc Snider
  • Harvested in: Rogers County
Young hunter pictured with harvested deer.
Kort Daniels
  • Harvested in: Choctaw County
Young hunter pictured with harvested deer.
L Burns
  • Harvested in: Washington County


Hunter pictured with harvested deer.
Jason Heckle
  • Harvested in: Cimarron County
Hunter pictured with non-typical deer harvested with longbow.
Dan Stewart
  • Harvested in: Carter County
Man with harvestd buck
Justin Harmon
  • Harvested in: Oklahoma County
Major Edmonds shows off his Fall 2023 harvested buck with a unique set of antlers.
Major Edmonds
  • Harvested in: Tillman County


Man with harvestd buck
Caleb Jones
  • Harvested in: Lincoln County
Hunter wearing orange pictured with a harvested deer.
Leo Staples
  • Harvested in: Lincoln County