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Top Readers’ Photos to Appear in Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine



The judging is complete, and the winning images have been selected for the 2024 Readers’ Photography Showcase! The Photo Showcase is an annual feature in the July/August issue of Outdoor Oklahoma, the official magazine of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. And the photos are always absolutely stunning. Congratulations to these talented people who shared their work with us this year. And remember that next year’s Showcase entry period will open Jan. 1 and run through April 15.

Bill Adams
Alan McGucklin
Michael Bryan
Crystal Griffith
John Perez
Stephen Ofsthun
James Wareham
Tony Solorio
Chad Freeny
Cole Cirilo
Michael Bonanza
Eric Brown
Mitch Grant 
Lynn Hill
Richard Taylor
Tom Ashby
Jack Chlebanowski
Zechariah Gaskins
Amy Watts
Steven Hunter
Steve Metz
Ben Childers
Malachi Biby
Aneda Smith
Cheryl Welch
Kate Golden
Fred Frampton
Randy Anderson
Dim Kim
Dietmar Collins
Shari Vick
Cyndi Washington
Dasia Bowie
Kalyn Smith
Randall Watkins
Matthew Toms
George Zimmer
Dwayne Kear
Desiree Cline
Bluto Smith
Wesley Kirpach
Brandy Grant
Greg Silva
Vonda Barnett
Daniela Spade
Seth Schubert
Mark Parker
Brayden Love
Randy Sander
Marc Crow
Holly Burkhart
Morgan Prater
Duncan Brittain
Joseph Richards
Sherman Barr
David Garrison
Steven Wilson
Emma Resendiz
John Wilson
Cody Weber
Jennifer Lindsey
Debbie Peck
Will LIncks
Matt Engel
Jay Gault
Cody Abel

For anyone who wants to own this issue of Outdoor Oklahoma, single copies will go on sale in early July at ODWC’s Outdoor Store. Or better yet, sign up for a subscription to help support the wildlife department’s efforts to conserve Oklahoma’s fish, wildlife, and habitat. To read previous issues, click on the button below.

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