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The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation offers a comprehensive employee benefits package that includes a lot more than just health and dental insurance.  You'll receive a generous employee and dependent benefit allowance, can participate in a deferred compensation program, receive personal time off and sick leave, and paid holidays, as well as training and opportunities for career development.

Medical and Dental and Life Insurance - Medical, dental insurance, and disability insurance are also provided by the Department.  Optional family coverage is available. Workers’ compensation is carried on all employees for injuries related to the job. The Department pays the premium on a life insurance policy to the nearest $1,000 of the employee’s annual salary.  In addition, an automatic coverage of $20,000 is included in a hospitalization policy.  The latter can be increased at the option of the employee at an additional premium.  Both policies provide double indemnity for accidental death.

Retirement - The Department has a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. An account is established for the employee and the Department contributes between 6%-12% of pay for retirement benefit based upon years of service. All employees are covered by Social Security Benefits.

Deferred Compensation - Optional tax-sheltered retirement supplement, funded by the employee plus limited Department matching contribution, with a variety of investment options.

Sooner Flex - Choice of money-saving plans implemented through payroll deductions.  The first phase allows the employee’s share of group insurance premiums to be paid with pre-tax dollars.

Annual Leave -  Employees entering state service accrue personal time off  based on the total available work hours each month.  This schedule is the approximate accrual rate.  The actual accrual rate is determined by the Office of Personnel Management and is available from the Department’s Human Resources Office.

Years of Service Yearly Accrual Monthly Accrual
5 - 10 yrs 18 days/yr 12 hrs/mo
10 - 20 yrs 20 days/yr 13.33 hrs/mo
20 yrs + 25 days/yr 16.67 hrs/mo
  • Employees with less than 5 years of service can accumulate up to 240 hours of annual leave.   
  • Employees with 5 years, or more, of service, can accumulate up to 480 hours of annual leave. 

Sick Leave - Sick leave is also based on the total available work hours each month and year.  The approximate accrual rate is 10 hours for each calendar month.

Holidays - Average ten (10) days per year, as specified each year by the Governor.

Travel Expense - Per Diem expenses are provided to all employees while away from home station on official business for 18 hours or more. 

Longevity Payment Program - The Department of Wildlife’s longevity payment program applies to all full-time employees of the Department of Wildlife.  To be eligible for longevity pay, employees must have been continuously employed with the Department for a minimum of 2 years working more than 1,000 hours a year.   Employees receive longevity pay annually based on their years of service with the state.