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The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has established an Internship Program to help students gain work experience. The Department has a limited number of internship positions available. Positions are seasonal and vary by location and duration.

Internships are primarily in the spring and summer, with occasional fall positions. Locations are state-wide. Work schedules will be determined by the supervisor. Positions will be limited to 2 terms not to exceed 975 hours per term. (a term is a 12-month period starting with the hire date). A 3rd term may be worked only if the Intern is continuing their education. Verification of continuing education must be submitted if rehired for a 3rd term. Lodging is not provided.

Intern applicants must be actively pursuing a degree in the following:

  • Wildlife Conservation Science
  • Wildlife Ecology Education
  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Communication
  • other related wildlife degrees

Graduate degree candidates, seniors, juniors, and sophomores with majors in wildlife conservation, and those with previous related work experience in fisheries or wildlife will receive preference.

Applicants must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds for a distance of 100 yards, hold a valid driver's license, and operate a motor vehicle, 2/4 wheel drive, standard or automatic transmission, with a trailer attached. May be required to walk/run over rough terrain and swim.

Applications are accepted year-round. An official college transcript must be submitted with the application.

Internship Application


Student Opportunities

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation works with various partners to enhance Oklahoma's fish and wildlife resources. Many of these partner groups offer college scholarships and travel stipends for students. Check them out HERE.