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Oklahoma Scholastic Shooting Sports Program (OKSSSP)

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Statement of Purpose

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation recognizes that today’s youth will be tomorrow’s sportsmen. We decided to continue our great success with all the other education programs we offer in the schools and create one more. The Oklahoma Scholastic Shooting Sports Program(OKSSSP) is a trap-based shotgun program, for 7th-12th grades, that is focused on providing a fun, safe environment for participating in shooting sports and reconnecting kids with the joy of being outdoors. The OKSSSP will raise awareness of conservation-related sports, promote safety and responsibility, and raise self-esteem.

What is required of teachers? 

Teachers attend a one-day training taught by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Instructors where we teach basic shooting skills, trap-shooting fundamentals, gun safety, how to get the kids started, shotgun patterning, etc. Once they complete the training course, the school is eligible to receive an equipment kit from ODWC. Teachers return to their schools fully prepared to teach a two-week shotgun shooting course to their students. Each school will then be able to attend our regional shoot where they could earn a spot in the State Shoot held in the spring each year.

At this time, kits are only available to 9th-12th grade high school level teams. We hope to have some available for 7th-8th grade levels in the future.

ODWC and its partners cover the cost of a kit worth around $2,000.00.  The kit consists of:

  • Gun safe
  • Target Thrower
  • 20 boxes of targets
  • 20 pairs safety glasses
  • 3 boxes of ear plugs (600 pairs)


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For additional information contact:

Damon Springer - Senior Information & Education Specialist 
(405) 317-6316

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