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Inline Spinners

Spinnerbaits mimic bait fish by the use of one or more blades attached to the lure, which creates varying degrees of flash and vibration.

Spinnerbaits stimulate a predatory fish's lateral line system, a sensory organ that allows the fish to touch and feel objects at a distance. This sensory organ is what helps fish sense danger or locate prey.

With inline spinners, the blade is attached below the eyehole and above the lure's body and hook. When retrieved steadily, the blade revolves around a central axis, allowing the body of the lure and blade to spin simultaneously, creating maximum vibration and flash. 

Inline spinners are well known in Oklahoma for their effectiveness catching trout. They also work well in small bodies of water for crappie, sunfish and bass.

Most inline spinners are small in nature thus expanding an angler's catch rate on a multitude of species.

A 1/16th ounce rooster tail in olive, brown, black or white is an excellent choice!