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Spoons, Slabs & Super Dupers

Spoons and slabs are some of the oldest and most unchanged fishing lures out there. The concept is simple, mimic bait fish through erratic flash and vibration.

Spoons are oval shaped with one concave side and sometimes have flare attached to the hook. The most popular colors for spoons are gold or silver with hints of orange. Spoons can be fished vertically in a jigging fashion or cast straight out and slowly retrieved. Small spoons like Little Cleos in gold and orange are a favorite of trout anglers. Larger spoons will catch any predatory fish that targets bait fish.

The same can be said for slabs, however, large silver and/or gold slabs are primarily used by Oklahoma anglers to target schooling temperate bass (striped, hybrid striped and white bass) in open water and/or below dams.

Spoons and slabs are more effective the clearer the water is because light penetration from the sun enhances the lure's flash, making it more attractive to predatory fish.

Super dupers are a bit of a spoon/slab hybrid. They wobble like spoons when retrieved but, like slabs, they are not concave. Super dupers are great lures for trout. Popular colors are gold or trout. They are most effectively fished with a slow steady retrieve.