Family Fishing Tips

Odds are you’re not more than 10 minutes away from a local neighborhood pond or lake. Fishing is a fun-filled activity that creates lasting memories for families and an easy way to provide a meal. You don't need a boat, expensive equipment and tackle, or expertise to have a successful family fishing trip. Try these simple tips at a small lake or pond near your home:

Equipment needs: 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 foot medium- to light- action rod(s). 4 lb to 8 lb line spooled on spincasting and/or spinning reels. Small plain shank bait hooks. Split-shot weight. Small bobbers. Cup of nightcrawlers. All of these items can be purchased at area sporting good stores such as Walmart, Academy, Bass Pro and Cabela's. Brands such as Zebco and Shakespeare sell rod and reel combos that are already spooled with line (price range $10-$40).
Set-up: Tie a hook to the end of your line. Place (1) split-shot weight on the line one-inch above the hook. Place a small bobber on the line 1-3 feet above the split-shot weight. Thread a small piece of night crawler onto the hook and cast your line straight out. When the bobber submerges below the water's surface, quickly reel up the slack and set the hook.

Watch Basic Worm and Bobber Fishing Setup (with knots) on YouTube.