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Water Elevations in Oklahoma

Anglers have traditionally been interested in lake levels. Many times fishing trips are planned or canceled due to the rising and falling of a lake. This fluctuation of the depth of a reservoir can trigger feeding in certain species. In addition, if anglers know when water will be released from our lakes they can plan their outings for some great tailrace and other downstream action.

In an effort to keep anglers informed, the U.S Army Corps of Engineers maintains a hotline listing water clarity, tentative water discharges with both the times and amounts and lake levels. The telephone number is 918/669-7521 or you can get this information from the Internet.

Daily Report of Reservoir Conditions

Bureau of Reclamation Lake Levels

USGS Real-time Stream Flows and Weather Information

It is important to know weather and stream flow conditions for the area you plan to fish. 

Check your local forecast either by your local T.V. or radio news or at or

For real-time stream flow conditions, here is the US Geological Survey website for stream data.

 Entire US:

 State OK: