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Small Game Hunting

Some of the most overlooked hunting opportunities in our state are for small game. These species, squirrels and rabbits, were once regular table fare when we lived a more rural lifestyle. How many meals were provided by a youngster out in the woods with an old .22 or shotgun?

Hunting for rabbits and squirrels is a great way to introduce youth to the sport of hunting. The pace is slow, the game plentiful and the rewards are untold. The next time you have some spare time, take your child or a kid from your neighborhood and introduce them to something that will last them a lifetime--safe and ethical hunting.

Small Game: A Guide for Hunters

Small Game Regulations

After checking out the Guide and small game hunting regulations, check out a compilation of articles and videos we've curated showing hunting, cleaning, processing, and cooking squirrels and rabbits below:

Additional Squirrel Hunting Resources

Additional Rabbit Hunting Resources