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Pronghorn Regulations

2019-2020 Big Game Report

Pronghorn can be found enjoying the wide-open spaces of the short grass prairies in the panhandle. Pronghorn feed on a variety of grasses and forbs, traveling great distances to find good grazing grounds.  Adult pronghorn have few natural predators, due to their incredible eyesight, although the young can be vulnerable to mountain lions, coyotes and even golden eagles.  Both males and females have horns, although the female's horns are much smaller than the male's which can be up to 16 inches long.  Due to their very limiting habitat and nomadic behavior, Pronghorn populations in Oklahoma can show large variability from year to year.  Twice a year, ODWC staff performs aerial surveys from a fixed wing aircraft to assess Pronghorn populations.  The purpose of these surveys is to assure population levels are stable enough to allow for a hunting season.

Watch the full episode of Panhandle Pronghorn on YouTube HERE!

Pronghorn running through field.